A Platform for You to Profit in the BTC Bear Market.

Make 100% profit on 1% Bitcoin price growth or fall with 100x leverage.

    100× leverage

    For example:Based on the current trend, if you with 1.00 , you would earn 1.00 with 100x leverage.

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    Why choose Bexplus?

    • 100x leverage

      Bexplus amplifies gains by supporting 100x leveraged transaction——price increases 1% can bring 100% profits.

    • Bi-directional profit

      Diversified trading models. Two-way profits for buy-in(long) and buy-out(short). Risk prevention controllable.

    • No Spread

      The only cryptocurrency futures exchange with NO spread charge in buy-in (up) and sell-out (down) price.


    General exchanges

    • Easy to sign up an account in Bexplus with email.

      Complicated registration process and cannot trade without verification.

    • Quotation index, integrated those from Top 5 worldwide exchanges, is authentic, reliable and no insider dealing.

      Self-made quotaion that the real-time crytocurrency price can be easily controlled or changed.

    • Core technical specialists who are experienced in digital assets security & risk control, and digital cold wallet multi-signature encryption.

      Low security, vulnerable to be hacked to lost account balance

    Profit ranking

    TOP3 2019/05/19

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      Real-time market index, informed of the index anytime anywhere

      Easy to operate, trading anytime anywhere

      Clear and direct price charts

      Set up stop-loss/profit point to control risk, no need to be online all the time.