I Activity Rules
From now to 11:59pm July,31 2019 UTC, deposit more than 0.025 BTC, and you will be eligible to apply for 10% cashback! For example, you deposited 1 BTC, then you will receive 0.1 BTC cashback to your balance, which means you will finally receive 1.1 BTC in total.

Here we want to answer some frequently asked questions:

1. Can I deposit more than one time but still receive my cashback each time? Yes you can! No matter how many times you deposited, as long as you deposited more than 0.05 BTC each time, you are eligible to get your cash back.

2. Where can I find my cashback? Once we confirmed your deposit, we will send the cashback to your balance right away.

3. Can I withdraw the cashback? The cashback is in your balance, so of course you can withdraw it.

I Note

1. Participants must contact customer service (service@bexplus.co) to apply for the cashback, otherwise it will not be automatically granted.

2. Only new deposit made after

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