Smash Your Easter Eggs to Get Big Rewards!

Bexplus will launch a special Easter event to celebrate the arrival of Easter.Join us and win your big rewards now.

Activity time: April 16 00:00:00, 2022 - April 30 23:59:59, 2022 (UTC)

Activity 1: Trading Competition

During the activity time, users whose 100x leveraged trading volume meets the following conditions can win the corresponding number of Easter eggs, and smashing Easter eggs will have the opportunity to get cash packages and prizes in-kind.

Current Level
Trading Volume Number of Eggs (VIP n+1) Reward Pool
20 ≤ V<50 2 $199/$299/Rabbit Ornaments
50 ≤ V<80 4 $199/$299/$599/Rabbit Ornaments/Chocolate
Easter Egg
80≤ V<100 6 $199/$299/$599/$899/Rabbit Ornaments/
Chocolate Easter Egg/Coffee Maker
100 ≤ V<120 8 $199/$299/$599/$899/$1299/Rabbit
Ornaments/Chocolate Easter Egg/Coffee
120 ≤ V 10 $199/$299/$599/$899/$1299/$1999/Rabbit
Ornaments/Chocolate Easter Egg/Coffee

Current Trading Volume :



Note: All VIP users can get an extra Easter egg except for the qualified eggs.

Obtained Easter Eggs :


Remaining Easter Eggs :

Prize record
Note:Rewards will be issued to your account within 48 hours after the activity ends

Activity 2: Net Deposit Competition

During the activity time, users whose net BTC deposit amount meets the following conditions will receive corresponding prizes. Users who meet the highest net deposit level can get additional surprise gifts.

Current Level
Net Deposit Amount Rewards
0.1 ≤ BTC <0.5 $299
0.5 ≤ BTC <1 $599
1 ≤ BTC <3 $999
3 ≤ BTC <5 $1599
5 ≤ BTC $2199 & Surprise Gift

Current Deposit Volume :



Note: All VIP users can get an extra Easter egg except for the qualified eggs.

Terms and Conditions

1. For activity 1, the number of closed positions during the activity period should be no less than 50.
2. Mutual transfers between different Bexplus accounts are not counted in the net deposit amount.
3. Net deposit amount = total deposit amount during the event - withdrawal amount during the event
4. API transactions are not included in the effective trading volume.
5. Please fill out the form to register the activity, otherwise it will not be regarded as a valid participation.
6. The platform will strictly review trading activities during the event. If there is malicious behavior such as malicious manipulation of transactions, illegal bulk-registration of accounts, and mutual transfer between multiple Bexplus accounts to increase the net deposit amount, the Platform will cancel the award qualification.
7. Bexplus reserves the right to cancel or modify any event or event rules at its sole discretion.
8. Bexplus reserves the right of final interpretation of the event.

Risk Warning:
1. Digital assets trading involves risks as the price fluctuates greatly. Before trading, please fully understand all risks and make your own decisions carefully.
2. The announcements and other information of Bexplus are not regarded as investment advice. Bexplus shall not be liable for any direct or indirect losses arising from reliance on such information. Bexplus is not responsible for any guarantee, compensation, etc. for any deposit, transaction and other operations.

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