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How to Protect Account from Viruses and Trojans?

2018-10-26 06:17:26

Step by step guide to protect your account from viruses, Trojans and being hacked.

Check whether your computer is infected with viruses or Trojans as following:


Log in Bexplus on the browser in the form of hiding the window and prepare to check deposit / withdrawal addresses.

As shown below: Chrome (Ctrl+Shift+N) opens a new incognito window:


Record a correct withdrawal address on the notepad, paste it into the address bar, and check whether it in the address bar is the same with that on the notepad.


Download Bexplus App, and check whether the deposit/withdraw address in the App is consistent with that on the Web. If you find the addresses the different after checking, then your computer is possibly infected with viruses or Trojans.

There are suggestions as follows:

Install antivirus software, and detect and kill viruses and Trojans periodically; 

Update system patches;

Do not click untrusted documents;

Link Google Authenticator, and click here to find concrete methods;

Please use specialized password manager like 1 password;

If exceptional cases occur in your account, please give feedback to customer service timely, and you will be provided with corresponding solutions; 

You’d better choose Chrome as your browser, and update it to the highest version.

Uninstall plug-ins or unknown third-party software;

Under extreme circumstances, you may format your hard disk to reinstall the system;

Turn to computer security specialists for supporting service.

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Welcome to Bexplus.Good Luck!

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