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100x leverage is the most important feature in Bexplus. Leverage allows traders to place a much greater position than that in collateral balances so that users can multiply their profits by up to 100 times more than their original investment could bring. Bexplus offers 100x leverage on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DOGE, Ripple futures trading and etc. , giving traders to maximize profits without investing lots of funds in.

BTC/USDT Spot Trade

For instance, to buy 10 bitcoins at the price of $100, 000.

Purchase 10 BTC in the spot trade, it requires you to pay at least $100, 000. If BTC price rises 1%, you can only earn $10, 1000 for each and the total profit will only be $1, 000 (10*$100).

However, if BTC price decreases 1%, you would also lost $1, 000.

1:100 BTC Leverage Trading

With 100x leverage, you can open a 10 BTC position with $1, 000 used as margin. If you choose to long (buy/up) BTC, when the price goes up 1%, you would also earn $1, 000 but with much smaller capital invested in.

Moveover, you can also short (sell/down) BTC, if it drops 1%, you would make the same profit of $1, 000.

Try 100x Leverage Futures Trading

Easy registration and try 1:100 crypto futures trading with 10 free BTC.

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