10% OFF Transaction Fee for Active Traders

Dear user,

To support each other during the coronavirus epidemic, Bexplus decides to announce a policy to deduct 10% of the transaction fees for active traders.

How does the policy affect my account?

Once you are qualified, Bexplus will move you to a premium group to mark your account to get 10% fees off. After you’re notified with a success email, all your transactions in the following 30 days will enjoy 10% off the transaction fees.

What happens after the 30 days of fee deductions?

You need to keep your account as an active account in the following 30 days by trading at least 0.05 BTC before the benefits expire for your account.

Is this promotion for new users only?

No, this promotion is open for ALL USERS, regardless of the registration time. If you are a loyal user and wish to take the benefits, please ensure that you have been active in the latest 30 days.

How to get qualified?

Active users are defined as those who have traded ≥ 0.05 BTC in the last 30 days traced back since the day of your application. Once your trading records are checked, you will receive a message. (The requirement on trading will consider all trading turnover, meaning that several transactions can be counted to a total.)

How to take for these benefits?

Please confirm that the historical turnover is over 0.05 BTC, then click here to submit your information at the Google Form.

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Stay Safe!

The Bexplus Team