The Top Five Mainstream Cryptocurrencies by Market Value Perform Strongly, Pay Attention to BTC’s Breakthrough Expectations- Mar. 3rd

BTC activity remains low in the short-term, and the number of active addresses before March 2 fluctuated weakly. Analysts believe this indicates that BTC has not yet completely moved out of the adjustment range. $50,000 is a very sensitive point for BTC. Although it broke 2 hours ago, the price is still in a sensitive position, facing the possibility of upward breakthrough and continued stabilization.

The number of active addresses reached the highest value of 1.34 million on January 6th, and there was no new high until March 2nd. The peak number of new addresses appeared on January 7th, with a value of 682,000. The number of new addresses stagnated, indicating that the current BTC price is in a stage of gaining momentum.

(active address)
(new address)

In addition to BTC, the daily trend of ETH is also facing an upward breakthrough. Fibonacci 23.6% corresponds to the pressure level of $1,578, which is a typical breakthrough level. If it rebounds upwards, ETH will oscillate in the range of $1578 to $2040.

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