Join the Bexplus Affiliate Program and Boost Your Earnings!

We are looking for key opinion leaders (KOLs) like TikTokers, YouTubers, crypto community leaders(e.g. Telegram, Twitter), media writers, and other content creators who are interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain to become our affiliate partners. Averagely, an active affiliate partner could earn $1,000-$5,000 per month. For the past three months, 36% of our affiliate partners made over $5,000 from referral and trading commissions.  Let’s get started today.

What is the Bexplus Affiliate Program?

The Bexplus Affiliate Program will create an unique referral link for you to invite your followers to register and trade on Bexplus. If any of them clicks your link and registers, they will automatically become your referee. Once they register and trade, you will receive a commission and could get juicy income for every trade they made.

We offer 100x leveraged futures trading on BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS, XRP, etc. No matter what theme in crypto you produce, there is always a Bexplus product suitable for your followers, and you can earn a commission from it.

How do I become an approved affiliate partner?

Just apply via this link!

Once you register, you can read the full introduction of the affiliate program and contact the dedicated affiliate manager according to the instruction on the page. The manager will provide you with content and materials that help you get started and answer all your questions.

What are the commission reward rates?

We offer special commission reward rates for approved affiliate partners with active and growing communities. In order to become an approved affiliate partner and receive the special commission, you need to meet at least one of the following channels:

Have followers/members/users on:

  • Social media accounts 
  • Communities 
  • Businesses and organizations
  • All media publishing sites  
  • Crypto website with good visit per month

All of our approved affiliate partners could receive an up to 50-60% commission rate if the promotion content quality is good enough. Once you earn an increased commission rate, it is for a lifetime – no caps, no time limits. As long as your referee completes any transaction, you can get the commission immediately. The more recommendations, the more commission rewards.

We are excited to partner with you to spread the word about trustworthy, safe, and reliable trading.