What is Ripple and how to buy it?


Ripple is specially designed for business and institutional use, Ripple is in many ways the most remarkable effort in a compatible cryptocurrency.

Its purpose is to be useful for banks and payment providers, instead of continuing with the client-client (P2P) nature of the payments of the majority of cryptocurrencies. The objective of Ripple is to perform service transactions between banks and other types of financial institutions quickly and safely.

What is XRP?

If you are a newbie in the field of cryptocurrencies, you must have heard about XRP – But what is XRP?

XRP is one of the most interesting tokens. Ripple (XRP), the token used in transactions made in the Ripple protocol and interchangeable in all markets. Ripple Labs, the company that owns about 60% of the total of XRP (around 60 billion), the Ripple protocol, the main attraction for banks and international payment services.

How to buy Ripple (XRP)?

Buy Ripple with Credit Card:


Buying XRP with Credit Card is very easy. Ripple is available in BitINKA, an international exchange, of Peruvian origin. BitINKA is a trusted platform with several years of operation.

Another widely used alternative is Coinmama.

Coinmama is an international exchange, widely used throughout the world. Among its advantages, it stands out that it is not necessary to verify your account if you make purchases under $ 150 a day, so you can buy Ripple today.

The best place to buy these cryptocurrencies with a credit card is Coinbase. Later you can transfer them to an Exchange, like HitBTC, where you can change BTC by Ripple.

Buy Ripple with Bank Transfer:

Buy XRP by bank transfer is very common if we talk about cryptocurrencies.

Many of the current platforms allow the deposit through this payment method. In addition, the Exchanges hardly apply commissions to transfers, which in many cases are free. The disadvantage is that normally you will have to wait between 1 to 2 days to check the transfer and verify the deposit.

Some of the platforms in which it is possible to acquire Ripple by bank transfer are:

Coinbase: one of the most used exchanges at a normal level. It allows payment by bank transfer with a commission of 1%. However, do not allow the direct purchase of XRP.

BitINKA: is a widely used Peruvian exchange to buy Ripple in Latin America. In BitINKA it is possible to acquire Ripple directly by bank transfer. The fees for deposit in BitINKA are also free.

Coinmama: another widely used international exchange. You can buy up to $ 150 for XRP daily without registration.

Buy Ripple by Paypal:

The only way to buy Ripple with Paypal that currently exists is through eToro.

However, eToro is not an exchange of cryptocurrencies, it is a trading platform. This means that you will not be able to send your XRP to your wallet. You will only have it on the platform.

Buy Ripple with Dollars:

Buying Ripple with dollars directly is somewhat complicated. The best alternative is to acquire common cryptocurrencies and transfer them to an Exchange that allows you to acquire XRP.

The best options to buy XRP with dollars are again Coinbase for BTC or ETH and HitBTC to exchange them for Ripple.

Another reliable alternative to buy Ripple with dollars is BitINKA.

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