Best Ripple Wallets


Some of the most leading Ripple Wallets

The last few years have been very spectacular for cryptocurrencies since their popularity has increased exponentially every day. The main reason for this is the increase in its price.

But it is not the only cryptocurrency, and an investor in this industry must be informed of the rest of the altcoins to have a general knowledge. Among those thousands of cryptocurrencies and tokens that exist, we find Ripple (XRP), the third in value and a very important one.

The idea behind this article is to find the best wallet that keeps your XRP safe, since there is no entity behind to guarantee deposits, if we lose our funds there is no turning back.

This choice is very important, especially when you plan to invest in a large amount of this cryptocurrency.

What is a Ripple Wallet?

Ripple wallet is actually a digital purse that keeps your Ripple safe and secure. Wallets help to avoid scams and protect funds from ill-intentioned people.

Here we will see an analysis of the best wallets in this post.

1. Ledger Nano S

This wallet always appears first in the list due to the simple reason that allows us to store a large number of coins very safely. In this case, it also allows us to save our XRP.

This allows us to keep our cryptocurrencies in a physical place with a device designed to protect and keep hackers away from it.

This wallet is a hardware type, which implies that it will cost if we want to acquire one. Its appearance is very similar to a USB storage device, with the difference that in this we can store our XRP coins unlimitedly.

2. Toast Wallet

If we look for convenience for free to store our XRP then we should look at Toast Wallet. The steps to follow to save Ripple in this wallet are quite simple. At the same time, it offers us a great offer in terms of security when transferring funds.

3. Coinpayments

Coinpayments is a payment site with cryptocurrency that also allows us to store digital coins in your wallet. It is very similar to using a bank account, with the difference that it supports more than 900 different cryptocurrencies with a transaction fee of only 0.50%. There is no type of fee structure, which means that each user pays the same fees regardless of how many funds they have or transfer.

4. Exarpy

Exarpy is more than a wallet. It is an interface that allows us to interact with the Ripple network. It has no link with the company. It only makes it easier for users to use their blockchain network.

The wallet is reliable, fast, safe and very simple to use. Also, it can be used in almost all devices. For this, we must pay 0.025 XRP commission for each transaction we make.

5. Edge Wallet

Edge Wallet is a software wallet that has grown in characteristics after being renamed and launched in February 2018 after being known as Airbitz. The most interesting part of this wallet lies in its simple interface and the approach it has to protect users’ funds. The interface makes us agree to a bank app because it is so easy to use that it turns out to be.

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