Facebook Hires US Senator’s Former Aide Mike Crapo to Lobby for Libra


Facebook hired former assistant of United States Republican senator Mike Crapo, Susan Stoner Zook, to join the lobbying team for its Libra stablecoin.

Politico reported on Monday the social media giant recruited Susan Zook of Mason Street Consulting, who previously assisted Senator Mike Crapo (R-Idaho), to a team of lobbyists aiming to influence lawmakers on the Libra initiative. Zook told the publication she would work on lobbying Senate Republicans.

Facebook unveiled the long-anticipated Libra project in June intending to launch a cryptocurrency as a payment tool across global jurisdictions. But several financial regulators have since then raised regulatory concerns over the project’s ambition.

The U.S. Senate’s recent hearings on cryptocurrencies had some senators say that they are in favor of the U.S. leading in crypto and blockchain, while others pointed out their doubts.

During the hearing, Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio pointed out that Facebook has “proved over and over that they can not be trusted.” Brown, on the other hand, stated that Facebook intends to undermine the U.S. dollar and payment systems, trying to pass it all off as innovation.