Buy up/ Sell down

BTC Futures

Choose the right direction. If you assume that the price of the object will increase, then put a buy up order; if you predict that the price will go down, then put a sell down order.

When you click the “buy” or “sell” button, the order will be immediately placed without confirmation, so you need to be careful when input the volume you are about to trade.

Buy Up/Sell Short BTC

One more important feature on Bexplus:

You may wonder if you can place two orders with opposite directions, so you can hedge the risk no matter the price go up or down.

Unfortunately if you placed two orders with opposite direction, they will be merged into one order, and if you bought the same amount of contacts of these two orders, they will offset.

However when it comes to WHEN to buy or sell, it will be a very big topic, so today we are not going to explain it here, but we will definitely have a separate series to the topic. Stay tuned;)