All About ETC Hard Fork – Atlantis on September 17

ETC Hard Forc Atlantis

Ethereum Classic Atlantis hard fork will be launched on September 17, with less than a week left. This provides compatibility and interoperability equivalent to the “Byzantium” and “Spurious Dragon” Ethereum hard forks. 

Atlantics takes everybody in the community to coordinate the outreach and communication to ensure miners, nodes, exchanges, and wallets are up-to-date with the latest client software. Below is the community adoption status:


The top mining pools have confirmed with the ETC community their support for the Atlantis hard fork, which makes up over 75% of the network hash rate that includes Ethermine, 2miners, Nanopool, F2pool, MiningPoolHub, CoMining, and others.


According to Gastracker, as of September 10, 2019, along with the margin of error and outdated clients, approximately 58% of the relevant nodes have updated their client software in preparation for the Atlantis hard fork. Traditionally, the majority of nodes have also been upgraded the last week, but the Ethereum Classic community is ahead of schedule for supporting the hard fork.

Exchanges and Wallets

The majority of exchanges including Coinbase, Poloniex, Binance, Bittrex, Kraken, Shapeshift, and OKEx are updated for support and compatibility for the Atlantis hard fork. In addition, the majority of wallets and dApps are updated and ready for the hard fork.

The ETC Lab all the tests are running smoothly and all the minor or major issues that arose have been resolved. In addition to the hard work, and the ‘attention to the detailed attitude’ by the ETC community for the support towards the Atlantis hard fork, the ETC Labs also gave credit to the stakeholders’ participation and keen involvement in the discussions made for the ‘details, scope, and timing of the hard fork.’

Seeing the on-time progress, we can hope for the successful completion of the project. September 17th is soon approaching, let us see what it holds for all of us.

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