Is coin (CRO) a good investment in 2022

What is coin (CRO)

The coin (CRO) is a cryptocurrency launched in 2016 by Bobby Bao, Kris Marszalek, Gary Or, and Rafael Melo. Generally, the CRO coin is’s native token. The Chain is an open-source and decentralized blockchain created by the trading, financial services, and payment Company. coin network offers investors and traders a lot of benefits while making a investment within the ecosystem. These benefits aim at promoting the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. blockchain offers investors and traders the chance to sell and buy with debit cards or fiat currency. In addition, the blockchain also provides users with the ability to lend, borrow and even trade. Furthermore, also has its non-custodial wallet.

Usually, CRO coins are limited to a total supply of 30 billion coins. This comes as a result of 70 billion CRO coins being burned, making the burn the largest in crypto history. There are 10.4 billion CRO coins that are locked in smart contracts. The latter category of coins will be burned as they are unlocked monthly. The CRO coins supply is allocated as follows capital 20%, long-term incentives 20%, community development 10%, ecosystem grants 20%. The network will release the last 30% for different incentives.

The CRO coin usually powers its blockchain. Users can use the coin as an intermediary currency. Furthermore, you may opt to convert the coin into fiat if affordable rates are present. However, the CRO coin was initially created as an ERC20 reward token. Generally, the blockchain is designed to make crypto payments easier. In addition, the blockchain makes payments accessible and affordable to every user. The blockchain has immediate payment confirmations, thus supporting maximum scalability. The blockchain supports 50,000 transactions in a second, and confirmations take less than one second.

Is coin a good investment coin (CRO) price history

January 2019 – December 2019

Opening price $0.02   Closing price $0.027

The coin’s value was at $0.02 during the start of this period in January.

In February and March, the coin’s value deteriorated. In these two months, the coin reached its lowest price in this period. The CRO coin attained its minimum worth in February, $0.0119.

Later on, the coin’s worth even reached $0.155 in July, showing that it can achieve higher prices. This was the highest value of the coin during this period.

By December, CRO’s value was averaging at $0.027. It seems it was not a great point to take an investment on coin in 2019. When you compare the opening and the closing prices of the CRO coin in this period, you can conclude that there was only a slight increase in the coin’s value.

January 2020 – December 2020

Opening price $0.034   Closing price $0.07

CRO’s value during the start of the year was $0.034. This was an apparent increase from the closing value of the prior period.

The price significantly increased in February only to decrease in March and April. In March, CRO’s value reached the lowest value during this period which was $0.025.

Generally, there was an upward trend between May and September. By September, CRO’s value had increased to $0.179. In August, CRO’s value even reached $0.201, making it the highest value the coin gained during this period.

In December, coin’s price averaged $0.07. Therefore, if you had invested in January, your investments would have increased in December.

January 2021 – December 2021

Opening Price $0.059   Closing price $0.689

Compared to the previous closing worth, this period started in January with a slightly lower price of $0.059. Furthermore, January also recorded CRO’s lowest value in this period which was $0.058.

The coin’s value appreciated in the first four months, and by April, CRO’s value was $0.216. From May to July, the coin’s value dropped consistently. However, the price started shooting from August to November. In November, CRO’s value was $0.212. 

In December, the coin’s value had skyrocketed to $0.689. The new shift in price is a clear indication of the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, in this period, the coin attained its highest price in December, which was $0.969.

Looking at the CRO price at the beginning and the end of this period, you may concur that coin is a good investment now. Thus if you invested in January, you would have enjoyed significant profits in December. coin (CRO) price history summary

Undoubtedly, based on CRO’s price history, you can understand the token’s history price trajectory. For that reason, the table below is the detailed coin (CRO) history price from January 2019 to December 2021.

YearMaximum priceMinimum price
January 2019-December 2019$0.155$0.0119
January 2020-December 2020$0.201$0.025
January 2021-December 2021$0.969$0.058

Comparison between coin (CRO) and other cryptocurrencies coin (CRO) Vs. Binance coin (BNB)

The Binance coin (BNB) is among the top cryptocurrencies, and it has a market cap of $100 billion. Mostly, traders and investors use BNB to enjoy discounted trading fees and stakes as they enjoy huge fee discounts. BNB will continue to serve as one of the most common cryptocurrencies to investors and traders who prefer safe investments. The CRO coin is a newcomer compared to BNB. The coin blockchain also possesses a decentralized nature, thus ensuring security and privacy during the investment. Due to these features, the CRO coin’s value will likely continue skyrocketing in price. Both CRO and BNB coins are investment options for investors like you. Therefore, you may compare them before deciding to invest. The reason to state this is because they may appeal to different traders for significant, unlike reasons. coin (CRO)Binance coin (BNB)
A maximum supply of 30.26 billion CRO coins.It has a maximum of 200 million BNB tokens.
There is mining capability.There is no mining capability. coin Chain supports 50,000 transactions per second.The Binance Exchange facilitates more than 1.4 million transactions per second.
 It has a market cap of $11.614 billion.It has a market cap of $77.105 billion. coin (CRO) Vs. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is one of the most common cryptocurrencies that many investors have traded. Investors enjoy a significant advantage when investing in Bitcoin because the Bitcoin transactions are pseudonymous. Furthermore, Bitcoin transactions are irreversible and mobile. The reason to state that Bitcoin payments are mobile is because Bitcoin users can easily pay for their coins anywhere they are as long as they have internet access. The CRO coin is a newcomer in the market as compared to Bitcoin. There is mining capability for both Bitcoin and the coin (CRO). (CRO)Bitcoin (BTC)
A maximum supply of 30.26 billion CRO coins.Bitcoin has a maximum supply of 21 million coins. coin Chain supports 50,000 transactions per second.Bitcoin blockchain usually processes approximately seven transactions per second.
It has a market cap of $11.614 billion.It has a market cap of $790.84 billion. coin (CRO) Vs. Avalanche (Avax)

Both coin (CRO) and Avalanche (Avax) are known best for payments. Traders tend to compare cryptocurrencies before deciding which cryptocurrency to invest in. However, you should note that both are good cryptocurrencies depending on the criterion you use to differentiate them. Between the two cryptocurrencies, you can mine coin (CRO). On the other hand, there is no mining capability for Avalanche (Avax). Here is a simple comparison of coin (CRO) and Avalanche (Avax). coin (CRO)Avalanche (Avax) coin Chain supports 50,000 transactions per second.Avalanche can process over 4,500 transactions per second.
There is mining capability.There is no mining capability.
It has a maximum supply of 30.26 billion CRO coins.It has a supply of 720 million coins.
It has a market cap of $11.614 billion.It has a market cap of $20.409 billion.

What do people think about coin (CRO)

Many people think that cryptocurrency like coin is a highly volatile investment. However, many traders and investors believe that cryptocurrencies are associated with high gains; thus, the need to invest in coin (CRO) is not exempt. According to many investment agencies, the CRO coin will continue to appreciate. Therefore, traders hope that investing in coin (CRO) is not a wrong move. In addition, some people have concluded that the CRO coin is the best cryptocurrency to invest in. However, these people who have come to this conclusion are the people who have done extensive research on CRO. There are some things that you may consider people choosing to invest in CRO instead of another cryptocurrency. Some of these things are possible to return on investment, utility, network effect, and community acceptance. People also think that the coin has been stable since joining the market. Therefore, many do not fear investing in CRO.

However, many cryptocurrencies have failed in the past. There are high chances that there will be other cryptocurrencies that will fail in the future. In addition, cryptocurrencies are very volatile assets. You may make high profits or even incur significant losses. Therefore, you should invest what you can afford to lose. Moreover, it would help if you carried out extensive research on CRO or any other cryptocurrency you want to invest in.

Frequently asked questions

Where to buy coin (CRO)

You may buy a coin in some of the best exchanges that offer the coin’s swap. These online exchange platforms are Bexplus, OKEx, Huobi Global, and Bittrex. Nevertheless, it would help to compare some of the crucial traits before hurriedly choosing the online exchanges. One of the aspects that you may look into is transaction costs. In addition, you may also look at the trading pairs that the exchanges provide. However, Bexplus is considered by many investors and traders to be the best exchange where a potential trader can buy and sell coins.

How to mine coin (CRO)

It is very straightforward for you to mine CRO. You can mine CRO by investing in the ASIC mining setup. However, you may also mine CRO with your computer or an Android device back home. As a beginner, you can mine at home and then later invest in GPU. However, you cannot mine coins on your iPhone. Apple restricts mining via their products due to some of the cons of mining CRO. Investing in an ASIC mining setup is the best way to mine CRO due to its faultless parameters for this task in conjunction with high efficiency.

Should I buy coin (CRO)

CRO has been performing very well in the market over the last twelve months. Many investment agencies have also associated the coin with an increase in its worth in the future. Therefore, there might be a need for you to buy and invest in coin (CRO). However, you should note that cryptocurrencies are very volatile. Therefore, you should perform extensive research on coin (CRO) before investing. You should also choose an online exchange platform that offers satisfactory exchange rates and trading pairs to clients. The best exchange platform is Bexplus. The reason to state this is that Bexplus offers a leverage ratio of 100 times; therefore, your income may multiply 100 times than usual, and they are quick to respond to their users.

What is the future trend of coin (CRO)

However, many investment agencies have associated coin (CRO) with an increase in its value in the next few years. Let us take Trading Beast’s prediction for coin (CRO) as an example.

YearMaximum PriceMinimum Price


Investors have continued to invest in the CRO coin. One of the reasons that have made people invest in the coin is due to its success in the market. Moreover, according to many investment agencies, CRO’s value will continue appreciating in the future. Therefore, we may urge you to invest in cryptocurrency.