Where and How to Buy Chainlink (LINK)

Demand for decentralized products and services continued to soar last year. And Chainlink (LINK) is not trying to surpass or replace other cryptocurrencies. Conversely, its unique protocol makes it easier for other cryptocurrencies to communicate with the outside world. Therefore, Chainlink Coin and other cryptocurrencies are in a synergistic relationship. The booming crypto market has pushed Chainlink’s market cap to $6,875,346,220 and ranks 22nd among all cryptocurrencies. If you desperately want to hold LINK coins, you need to understand where and how to buy Chainlink (LINK).

You can further research Chainlink before making a purchase decision.

SmartContract created Chainlink in June 2017 as a decentralized oracle network. The LINK coin is the native ERC-677 token of the Chainlink blockchain, which is used to pay for the network’s oracle services.

Although the blockchain network is secure and reliable, it cannot send data to off-chain systems and obtain external data. Chainlink solves this limitation of blockchain by connecting smart contracts with external data sources such as weather data, asset prices, medical data, transportation data, and sports data.

Unlike other digital currencies, the supply of Chainlink tokens is capped. There will always be only 1 billion LINK coins according to its rules. But as the crypto space grows, the demand for Chainlink is inflating. The LINK token plays a vital role in the operation and maintenance of the Chainlink blockchain. So if the demand continues to increase, the price of LINK will continue to rise.

Many blockchains claim to have important uses, but those are unproven. And LINK is different from those virtual coins that exaggerate. Chainlink held its largest Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in 2017, and the fundraiser brought Chainlink $32 million. This funding makes Chainlink more reliable and more secure. In addition, Chainlink established a strategic partnership with Google long ago. It means that the Chainlink protocol is protected by the Google smart contract strategy. And users can connect to two of Google’s most popular cloud services through APIs.

It is indisputable that the crypto space has many projects without substance. But Chainlink is not one of them. It is a pragmatic cryptocurrency. So you can buy and hold it with confidence.

Buying Chainlink (LINK) may not be a complicated thing to do. But keeping your funds safe is not easy. If you want to be foolproof, it is necessary to understand Chainlink coins’ purchase process fully. Bexplus will provide more relevant information below.

Trading cryptocurrencies are vulnerable to cyber attacks, and a reliable Chainlink wallet can protect your digital assets. You can choose from software wallets, hardware wallets, or exchange wallets.

Buying and selling LINK coins requires a trading account. You can create an account with an online broker. It should be noted that you need to choose a reputable and safe trading venue to avoid putting your property in danger. And Bexplus, as a top exchange, is selected by most traders.

3. Select payment method

To buy LINK, you need to fund your account. Different payment methods’ costs and ease of use are not the same. Most cryptos can be paid with credit cards, debit cards, or others.

There are many options for Chainlink exchanges, but you need to compare features, friendliness, fees, etc. And Bexplus is the best option to buy LINK cryptocurrency.

Bexplus is the top exchange in the crypto space

Bexplus is a well-known brand in the industry with the most competitive features and fees. Since the launch of Bexplus, the trading platform has had a large number of loyal users. It offers a variety of crypto-related features, including 100x leverage, a 100% deposit bonus, and a risk-free interest wallet. The 100x leverage tools are rare in the crypto market. Therefore, only Bexplus users can use this tool to grow their wealth exponentially. And the 1:1 deposit bonus allows traders to have more funds available to earn profits. In addition, Bexplus risk-free interest wallet provides up to 21% annualized interest rate to protect traders’ income. So Bexplus is highly recommended by crypto experts.

Step 1 of Where to buy Chainlink coins

Open the Bexplus official website and click the “Sign up” button on the navigation bar. Next, you need to enter your email, activation code, and password. Finally, tap the “Sign up” button. Bexplus does not have “Know Your Customer (KYC)” verification so that you can complete account registration in minutes.

Step 2 of Where to buy Chainlink coins

Once your account is set up, click the username icon on the navigation bar. Then tap the “Deposit” item.

Step 3 of Where to buy Chainlink coins

  • After going to the “Deposit” page, you need to click on the “Buy Bitcoin instantly” button.
  • On the next page, you can choose the “LINK” cryptocurrency in the “You get” column of “Choose your currency”. Then fill in the contents of “Choose your currency” and “Choose your country” according to the actual situation.
  • Then, the page will generate the best order based on the information you fill in. You can find it in “BEST OFFER”. Then click the “Buy now” button in the “BEST OFFER” column.
  • The “Enter your LINK wallet address” box will appear on the website. You will need to enter your Chainlink wallet address here. Then click the “Go to payment” button.
  • Do not close subsequent pages. You will be redirected to the payment provider’s website.
  • Check the information in “Buy Crypto” and “Payment Service” on the payment provider’s page. Then click the “Create Order” button.
  • Next, you need to enter your email and mobile phone in the “Contact Details” field. After ticking to agree to the terms, you can tap the “Confirm” button to go to the next step.
  • Then, you need to type the pin code sent to your mobile phone in “Verify Your Phone”. Finally, click the “Verify” button.
  • Fill in your details such as “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Country”, “Address” and others on the “Personal Details” page, then tap the “Submit Verification” button.
  • On the “Upload ID to progress your order” page, key in relevant information and upload documents as required. Then click the “Continue” button.
  • Upload the required documents in “Selfie Photo Holding ID” and tap the “Continue” button.
  • In the next process,  you need to fill in “Card number”, “Cardholder’s name”, “Expiry data”, and “Security code” to pay your bill with Visa or Mastercard. Finally, click the “Make Payment” button, and you can complete the payment for the order.
  • The word “Success” will appear on the page, which means your payment is completed. Then you can check the status of your order in “Order Status” and wait for the LINK tokens to be transferred to your wallet.

Other exchanges where you can buy Chainlink (LINK)

You have learned about the Bexplus exchange and its excellent features. But if you still want to know more about other trading platforms, then Bexplus will list them for you too.


Coinbase is a cryptocurrency broker founded in 2012 for trading Chainlink, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and more.


The user interface is simple and easy to use.


Its fees are higher than most platforms.
The exchange monitors the digital assets in your account.
Not all countries can use it.
Users have no control over wallet keys.


Gemini allows traders to buy, sell and hold cryptos like LINK.


Available in all US states.


Transaction fees are expensive.
Fewer trading pairs are offered.
Only email customer service is provided.
Not friendly to newbies.


Kraken is a cryptocurrency exchange established in 2011 that provides LINK, DOGE, LTH, and other tokens trading.


The user interface is stylishly designed.


The website is slow to load.
Not suitable for beginners.
Crypto wallets are not provided.
KYC verification is required.

Transaction speedFastSlowSlowSlow
No KYC×××
Bonus1:1 deposit bonus×××
Cold storage×××
Interest walletUp to 21% annualized interest rateLower annualized interest rateLower annualized interest rateLower annualized interest rate
Best for security×××
100x Leverage×××
User education×××
User ratings⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

To sum up, you will find that Bexplus is the most outstanding exchange. And it has always been a top presence in the industry. Therefore, Chainlink traders can get the best digital asset trading experience on Bexplus.

In what payment method can a buyer purchase Chainlink (LINK)

There is not necessarily a single best payment method for purchasing Chainlink tokens. The availability of payment methods depends on the country you live in and the exchange you choose. If you want to find a suitable payment method, you can continue to browse below.

Online Payment

Apple Pay and PayPal are the primary payment methods for those customers who shop online. However, buying LINK and other tokens through online payment is not very popular because many countries or trading venues do not support this payment method. In addition, small purchases of digital assets are expensive, so it is more cost-effective to buy this cryptocurrency in bulk.

Bank Transfer

If you want to keep the transaction costs of Chainlink coins to a minimum, then bank transfers are the most suitable. You can easily trade cryptocurrencies on different exchanges via bank transfer. However, the transaction speed of buying tokens by bank transfer is plodding, requiring a waiting time of days or even a week.

Credit and Debit Cards

If you hate long waits and don’t care about transaction fees, then using a debit or credit card to buy LINK is the way to go. Although transaction fees may be slightly more expensive, your transaction will be processed immediately, and your wallet will receive the purchased cryptocurrency quickly.

Other Cryptos

If you hold other cryptocurrencies, using them to buy Chainlink coins allows for anonymous transactions. And it will save your time. In addition, the fees for exchanging LINK, BTC, and other tokens with other digital coins are favorable.

Where to keep your Chainlink (LINK)

Whether holding Chainlink coins for the short term or long term, safely storing your digital assets is a top priority. Faced with so many wallet options, many holders cannot tell which wallets are reliable. And some traders even keep LINK cryptocurrency on centralized exchanges for convenience. This is not desirable because technically weak trading venues are sitting ducks. Therefore, it is vital to choose wallets according to different scenarios.

Software wallet (hot wallet)

Software wallets can be subdivided into web wallets, mobile wallets, and desktop wallets, commonly used by many digital asset holders. Traders using hot wallets can quickly access Chainlink, Cardano, Dogecoin, Polkadot, and other tokens for easy buying or selling. But these wallets are also easy targets for cyberattacks.

Hardware wallet (cold wallet)

Hardware wallets are the hardware that will not be connected to the network, so cold wallets have the best security. It is suitable for traders who intend to hold a certain cryptocurrency for a long time. However, cold wallets require the purchase of physical hardware, and the price is generally not less than $100. Therefore, it is not cost-effective for a small number of cryptocurrencies.

Bexplus wallet is the safest

Bexplus is a pioneer in digital wallets with incredibly high security because it is based on cold wallets. Many professional traders use Bexplus wallets to store BTC, EOS, ETH, USDT, or XRP offline. In addition, the Bexplus wallet employs multi-signature verification for additional protection.

Bexplus wallet is also a risk-free interest wallet, and its annualized interest rate can reach 21%. And holders can also get a 100% deposit bonus by depositing digital assets into Bexplus. These have made Bexplus wallet famous in the crypto space.

How to buy Chainlink (LINK) in different countries

There are various ways for people in different countries or regions to buy Chainlink coins. However, most people find it safe and worry-free to purchase through a trusted exchange like Bexplus. Below are the buying tips for different countries.

How to purchase Chainlink in Netherlands

In the Dutch real estate market, an apartment was sold for 21 bitcoins in Veghel. This is the first such sale in the Netherlands. Realtors, notaries and lawyers all see this as a classic case of crypto. Because in the past, cryptocurrencies such as LINK and BTC were mainly used as deposits. In addition, this landmark case made more Dutch people realize the value of cryptos. Therefore, buying Chainlink coins in the Netherlands is a common thing.

1. Set up your LINK wallet. For starters, you can opt for a software wallet.

2. Create a free account on the trading platform. This is a necessary step. Most trading venues will require KYC verification. To bypass this cumbersome process, you can register an account with Bexplus.

3. Choose a funding method you prefer to trade Chainlink tokens.

How to buy Chainlink in Singapore

Singapore is actively becoming an international cryptocurrency hub. And it holds the largest share of the entire crypto business. Last year, 170 companies in Singapore applied to provide services related to digital assets. However, Singapore is balancing attracting and regulating crypto-related companies. Singapore’s cautious and positive attitude towards cryptocurrencies protects consumers of crypto services and benefits the development of the crypto industry. Therefore, Singaporeans believe that holding tokens such as LINK can participate in and profit from the development of cryptocurrencies.

1. Compare and choose a cryptocurrency wallet.

2. Create an account on the well-known Bexplus exchange. Because there is no KYC verification, anyone can quickly sign up for an account.

3. Fund your account via bank transfer, credit card, debit card and other payment methods to purchase Chainlink coins.

How to purchase Chainlink in Slovenia

Slovenia has long been one of the leaders in the cryptocurrency space. According to a report last year, some cafes, hotels, restaurants, sports organizations and hair salons in Slovenia accept cryptos as a payment method. In addition, the Ministry of Finance of Slovenia has published a draft law on the personal income tax law for cryptocurrency transactions on its official website. From another perspective, cryptos are recognized property in Slovenia. So it’s no surprise that Slovenians are keen to profit from trading LINK, BTC and other coins.

1. Visit the exchange website of your choice and set up your account. Bexplus is industry-leading, and you might as well choose it.

2. Before trading, you also need to prepare a wallet to store your Chainlink coins securely.

3. Go to the deposit page to fund your account before buying the digital coins you need.

Chainlink is the most famous oracle provider and powers services & dApps in many industries. The LINK token’s limited supply and great utility make it a scarce asset. As the value of Chainlink is widely recognized, more and more traditional investors and institutions believe that the LINK cryptocurrency has a strong value proposition. If you know where and how to buy Chainlink (LINK), it can be profitable to hold it now.

Bexplus is the premier trading platform in the crypto space. It serves more than 100 countries in the United States, Australia, Canada, and France. The exchange’s security has always been the top priority of the Bexplus team. All Bexplus customers’ digital assets are stored in offline hardware wallets. And Bexplus added multi-signature authentication as an extra protection measure. In addition, Bexplus also provides 100 times leverage tools so that investors can maximize their profits. In order to help newbies, Bexplus also provides demo accounts so that customers can practice investment skills. At the same time, Bexplus’s risk-free interest wallet is also highly respected, and its annualized interest rate can reach 21%. Therefore, Bexplus has an unparalleled advantage in the crypto market.

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