Where and How to Buy Uniswap (UNI)

What should the buyer know before he purchases Uniswap (UNI) 

Many traders will ask which cryptocurrency was the most talked about last year. The answer is Uniswap (UNI). If you have been following the crypto market, you may have noticed that the market cap of this coin is rapidly climbing. As of now, Uniswap’s market cap is $6,601,974,224 and ranks 24th among all cryptocurrencies. And this has only been more than three years since the birth of the UNI coin. This is enough to shock everyone. If you consider purchasing Uniswap, you should know where or how to buy Uniswap (UNI).

While the performance of the UNI cryptocurrency excites traders, you should take a look at what you need to know first.

What is Uniswap

Uniswap has a dual meaning in that it is both a decentralized exchange and a cryptocurrency. UNI is a governance token used to vote on proposed changes to the Uniswap exchange.

What can UNI coins be used for

Uniswap coins are mainly used for the following aspects:

Used to determine the development of the Uniswap exchange.

Traders profit from this cryptocurrency through the spread.

Uniswap users are building a market-making business.

Use Uniswap’s liquidity pool to trade other tokens.

Other entrepreneurs and software developers use Uniswap to develop new liquidity strategies.

The growing importance of Uniswap

As the native currency of the decentralized platform Uniswap, the value of UNI is closely related to the Uniswap exchange. The ever-increasing regulations of centralized exchanges have rendered many altcoins incapable of being circulated and traded. And the decentralized Uniswap fills this gap. This will unleash a lot of demand to buy speculative assets. The price of Uniswap coins will rise as the Uniswap exchange becomes more critical.

Uniswap is growing faster and faster

With the rapid development of blockchain, the total market value of cryptocurrencies in the exchange market has exceeded 1.8 trillion US dollars. Surprisingly, this market cap was just under $300 billion a year ago. This increased amount of capital indicates that more traders are pouring into the crypto space. It is conceivable that the volume of transactions on decentralized exchanges will continue to explode. Therefore, the 24-hour trading volume of UNI tokens exceeded 380 million US dollars.

If you have a preliminary understanding of the Uniswap cryptocurrency and know its fantastic potential, then you can start trying to make money from it.

Where to buy Uniswap: Preparation steps before buying UNI

The excellent performance of the Uniswap coin may attract you. But if you are not clear about crypto trading, you should read this preparatory step to develop a basic understanding.

1. Get a Uniswap wallet

Before trading UNI tokens, you will need a secure wallet to protect your digital assets. And storing Uniswap coins in your private wallet would be a more suitable solution. You can choose from hardware wallets or software wallets.

2. Choose an online trading platform

Cryptocurrency exchanges provide services for exchanging or purchasing Uniswap coins. You need to compare and choose from many trading venues. And Bexplus, an excellent broker, is recommended by most encryption experts.

3. Confirm your payment method

Depending on the quantity and cost of your purchases, you can add and connect your payment method at the time of payment, which can be a wire transfer, credit card, bank account, etc.

Where can buyers purchase Uniswap (UNI)

Before buying UNI, you need to evaluate different brokers to find one that meets your trading needs. A good trading platform can help you buy Uniswap tokens quickly, so choosing a suitable cryptocurrency exchange is crucial.

Bexplus is the best crypto exchange for Uniswap coins

Bexplus is known in the crypto market for its security and reliability. So you can get the best experience of purchasing UNI, BTC, DOGE, and other cryptocurrencies in Bexplus. And Bexplus adopts the industry’s highest security standards to protect your digital assets and keep users away from all insecurity. In addition, all traders can use the 100x leverage tool and 100% deposit bonus on Bexplus to generate profits quickly.

Step 1 of Where to buy UNI

Visit the official Bexplus website and navigate to the “Sign up” icon to create a trading account. Then fill in your email, activation code, and password. And because the registration process of Bexplus does not have a “Know Your Customer (KYC)” verification process, it is effortless to get a UNI account.

Step 2 of Where to buy UNI

To fund your account, you need to go to the deposit page of Bexplus. Click the username icon in the web page navigation bar, then click the “Deposit” item.

Step 3 of Where to buy UNI

  • After opening the deposit page with the chart, click on the “Buy Bitcoin instantly” button.
  • Find the “You get” item in the “Choose your currency” column in the left panel of the page. Next, click on it and type “UNI”. Then tap the “Uniswap ERC20” option from the drop-down menu. Finally, modify the other content in the “Choose your currency” and “Choose your country” columns.
  • Then click the “Buy now” button in the “BEST OFFER” column.
  • On the next page, you need to enter your Uniswap wallet address into the “Enter your UNI wallet address” column. Then click the “Go to payment” button.
  • After going to the “Payment” page, check the order information in the “Order summary”. Then select a payment method in “Choose a payment method”.
  • If there are no problems, you can click the “Continue” button.
  • Then add your “Card Number”, “Expires”, “Name on card” and “Security Code” in the “Card details” box. Finally, click the “Next” icon to complete the purchase of UNI coins.

After a while, you can check whether your wallet received the crypto you just purchased.

Other exchanges where you can buy Uniswap (UNI)

Bexplus is the most suitable place to buy UNI tokens. If you want to learn more, the following exchanges are also options. But they are not the best.


eToro is an Israeli fintech company and broker founded in 2007. But it doesn’t disclose an annual report or bank parent company.


Support social transactions.


Customer support service is not perfect.
Inactive account fees are expensive.
Withdrawal fees are $5.


Binance Exchange started as a Hong Kong company. And due to the opaque nature of the exchange, the location of Binance’s headquarters is now impossible to find.


There are other extra services.


KYC verification is required.
Withdrawals are expensive.
This platform is not available in the United States.
There are non-trading fees.


CEX.io was founded in 2013 as a cryptocurrency platform for retail investors.


Advanced traders and businesses have access to institutional services.


It offers limited cryptocurrency transactions.
Not available in parts of the United States.
Not friendly to beginners.
It isn’t easy to contact the customer service of this trading platform.

Bonus1:1 deposit bonus×××
100x Leverage×××
Interest walletUp to 21% annualized interest rateLower annualized interest rateLower annualized interest rateLower annualized interest rate
No KYC×××
Secure & Trusted×××
Cold storage×××
Deposit and Withdrawal⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ease of use⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
User ratings⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

After knowing this information, you will find that Bexplus is the top exchange for trading Uniswap and other coins.

In what payment method can a buyer purchase Uniswap (UNI)

Uniswap is an increasingly popular project, but it is not always possible to buy it with fiat currencies such as USD, GBP, EUR. This may vary by trading venue. Bexplus will show you the options available to buy UNI coins.

Bank Transfer

Some cryptocurrency platforms support the use of bank transfers to purchase Uniswap coins. Although bank transfers are cheaper, they are slower. If you want to receive this token as soon as possible, using a bank transfer is not for you.

Debit or credit card

If the trading venue where your account is located supports bank cards to buy digital assets such as UNI, you only need to add your bank card as a payment method to purchase this crypto. In this way, you can get Uniswap coins as quickly as possible. However, the cost is relatively high.

Apple Pay

Generally speaking, only the top exchanges support payment methods like Apple Pay, PayPal, etc. And Bexplus supports this type of online payment method. This payment is relatively convenient.

Other cryptocurrencies

Most trading venues can only exchange UNI through popular cryptos. Therefore, you have to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other coins with relatively large market caps to get Uniswap coins.

Where to keep your Uniswap (UNI)

Once you finally have UNI tokens, it is urgent to consider how you can prevent them from being stolen. You may need to choose according to actual needs. And Bexplus provides some helpful information on this issue to help cryptocurrency holders make a decision.

Software wallet (hot wallet)

Hot wallets allow holders to store their cryptocurrencies on a computer or mobile device. Users can easily manage their digital assets through this free wallet type. But because software wallets can be connected to the Internet, there is still a risk of funds being stolen.

Hardware wallet (cold wallet)

A cold wallet is an offline physical device to keep your Uniswap and other cryptocurrencies. Hardware wallets cannot be directly connected to the Internet. Therefore it is considered the safest. And hardware wallets are expensive and not suitable for most traders.

Bexplus Wallet is a popular and secure wallet

Many traders use the Bexplus wallet in the crypto space due to its excellent functionality. It can safely store BTC, EOS, ETH, USDT, and XRP. In addition, Bexplus wallet adopts multi-signature verification and software & hardware wallet combination technology to ensure the security of users’ digital assets without losing convenience. And that’s why the Bexplus wallet is well known in the crypto market.

Moreover, holders who deposit digital assets into Bexplus wallet can also get a 100% deposit bonus. In order to reduce the risk of cryptocurrency trading, Bexplus wallet also provides a risk-free wallet with an annualized interest rate of up to 21%. This is the most profitable wallet in the crypto market.

How to buy Uniswap (UNI) in different countries

The prosperity of Uniswap is known to people all over the world. And many crypto experts believe that UNI is the future of the crypto market. So people in different countries want to buy or hold it.

How to purchase UNI in Luxembourg

Luxembourg, a European country, has passed a law to protect cryptocurrency traders and investors. The passage of Bill 7363 facilitates greater transparency in the crypto market and provides legal certainty for the circulation of securities through distributed ledgers. With the draft being published on the website of Luxembourg’s Chamber of Deputies, the trading of cryptos such as UNI and BTC was officially legalized. And that’s why Luxembourgers are actively buying Uniswap coins.

1. Create an exchange account to purchase UNI coins with fiat currency or cryptocurrency. Bexplus is the best platform for beginners and advanced traders.

2. Uniswap is based on Ethereum, so you can use any Ethereum wallet to store this digital currency.

3. Before making your first purchase, you must add your payment method to fund your account.

How to buy UNI in Austria

The Austrian government considers cryptos to be the same as traditional stocks and bonds, so it intends to tax cryptocurrency gains. The move is believed to increase Austrians’ access to and trust in digital assets. In addition, Gernot Blümel, Austrian Finance Minister, also claimed that this would make crypto-related financial products more accessible. Given this relaxed environment, buying and selling Uniswap tokens is not uncommon in Austria.

1. Create a free account on Bexplus using your email. Other crypto trading platforms require KYC verification, so it is not a good choice.

2. Buy or create your Uniswap wallet.

3. Select a preferred payment method and fund your account. Then you can start buying this cryptocurrency.

How to purchase UNI in Germany

Germany passed the Fund Location Act (Fondsstandortgesetz), which means 4,000 German-based institutional funds can spend up to 20% of their portfolios on crypto-assets such as Uniswap, Bitcoin, and more. And these 4,000 special funds manage 2 trillion Euros of assets, 20% of which exceed 4,000 Euros. The vast amount of funds entering the crypto market will inevitably make the prices of popular cryptocurrencies such as UNI, LTC, and BTC skyrocket. Therefore, some savvy Germans bought UNI coins before the bill passed.

1. Select a UNI wallet, which can be mobile wallets, web wallets, desktop wallets, or crypto exchange wallets.

2. Go to the digital currency exchange to register an account. Bexplus is the most popular among them. You can choose this best cryptocurrency platform.

3. To exchange Uniswap tokens, you also need to add a payment method. The last is the operation of purchasing this coin.

Uniswap (UNI) has reached 24th place by market cap in the competition for crypto market share. Incredibly, Uniswap was created less than three and a half years ago. In addition, Uniswap, a platform built by a decentralized financial protocol, facilitates the circulation and appreciation of all cryptos. Therefore, UNI tokens will inevitably increase in value with the increasing importance of the Uniswap platform and the rapid development of the blockchain. Now, UNI has become the cryptocurrency of choice for most crypto enthusiasts around the world. If you know where and how to buy Uniswap (UNI), then buy it to create more wealth.

The Bexplus platform is so popular in the crypto space because it allows investors to earn as much as possible. The 100x leverage tool provided by Bexplus can help investors accumulate wealth quickly. In addition, Bexplus also offers risk-free interest wallets. If you deposit BTC, the annualized interest rate of the BTC wallet can reach 21%. This is the highest passive income in the industry. And the Bexplus demo account can also help investors test investment strategies. Therefore, Bexplus is the most valued exchange by traditional investors and institutions.