BTC: If Falls Below The $8,000 The Bearish Will Continue Year-End

The market is basically in line with our evening advice. our article suggested that the bullish amount can gradually increase, but the upward trend is still difficult. Therefore, our suggestion is also to make a short position in the $8,200-$8,250 intervals. Friends who are concerned about our advice can also successfully make more than 100 points to leave. Because the current market fluctuations are small, the operation is mainly based on the catching box.
There was a push-up to $8,200, but then the index couldn’t stand and kept on falling rapidly. The current market continues to be shocking at $8,090.
Although the rapid pull-up in the afternoon broke the upper Bollinger Band , but also did not stand still, the K-line entity is still in the middle of Bollinger Band . Therefore, this breakthrough is not enough to represent the market will rebound, such a market signal is more like a lure.
Although the current trend is still downward, the support below the $8,000 is relatively strong.
If it falls below the $8,000, then the market will be dominated by short positions before the end of the year. However, the longer the $8,000 shock, the longer the time will be spent by the dealers to enter funds.

Key points:
Entry: $8,000-$8050
Take profit: $8,150
short: $8,170-$8,220
Take profit: $8,000

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