BTC: Fell Back To The Low Level A Month Ago And Will Be Lower

The recent trend has been falling for so many days, many friends think it is time to follow up on the opportunity, from $9,000 to $8,000 to the current $7,400. Of course, this period will give you the opportunity to make profits, but it is extremely difficult to always grasp and control your own desires. Shorting the high position is more than just talking about it. Seeking truth from facts is the real thing to do, in order to grasp the essence of income.
BTC once again had a big drop , the trend fell from $8,100 to $7,350 position. The decline has reached more than 700 points.
From the recent situation, the trend has been maintaining a downward trend, and this time, the price broke the key support which has further expanded the desire for the shorts and gave a heavy blow to the recent sluggish bulls.
The current trend has fallen below the lower Bollinger Band , and the price is adjusted between the middle and lower Bollinger Band . Although it temporarily stopped the downtrend today, this stage is only an adjustment period after each significant volume increases.
Of course, the market is changing rapidly. If the recent BTC trend stabilizes at a low level and gives a good rebound to further promote long-term sentiment, it is also possible to change the status. The current situation is still under strong pressure, and the situation is dominated by both sides.
Today’s trend stopped falling and rebounded, and the price stabilized at $7,600. But the pressure on the top was relatively large. Currently, it has not been able to effectively touch the short resistance area .
The STOCH indicator is in a 20-level line, and the follow-up trend is likely to enter the turbulent rhythm, while the MACD indicator is still below the 0-axis and goes down.

Key points for short term
Short: $7,650-$7,700.
Stop-loss $7,800,
Take profit: $7,500-$7,300

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