BITCOIN: The Interval Between $7,680-$7,350


Reminder. For my friends with more than 10 bitcoins, be sure to download a cold wallet for storage. Otherwise, if the exchange is attacked or runs away, then these coins will be lost for nothing.

Don’t chase high to avoid risks, the market retreated as mentioned, and it was only early this afternoon that we touched on the layout of yesterday morning. The support below is effective. The overall market’s move basically meets the forecast.

There was a small divergence in the 4-hour period. The pressure level of $ 7,700 did not a breakthrough, but I personally think that the callback to around $7,300 is an opportunity for the entry.

The Bollinger Channel opened upward and the price moves towards the middle rail. the short-term moving average turned around and the golden fork was brewing upward.
Also, it touches the lower rail of William’s alligator . from those indicators, we can expect a bull trend.

Resistance needs to pay attention to the four-hour Bollinger Band on the rail $7,680 line.$7,350 for the support.

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