BTC: The Shocking Range Of December Will Be $6,600-$7,600

Bitcoin trend continues to fall under pressure, starting to decline from $7,600, reaching a minimum of $7,230. The recent pressure of Bitcoin at $7600 is obvious. The BTC transactions are relatively flat because of the lack of good news. In the short term, we can see that the upward trend has begun to turn into a downward trend. Recently, although BTC has started a small rebound, the space is relatively small.

Earlier, the price failed to break through the high level then fell back, and the upper rail of Bollinger Band was slowly pressed down to form a pressure region. The short-term rebound is still unable to hold for a while. the Bollinger Bands continue to open. MACD short red columns are incrementally arranged, KDJ is running low.

The shocking range of December will be $6,600-$7,600, which is about $1,000 back and forth.
Sell high and buy low, The current contract strategy is mainly short.

Key points:
Short: $7,450-$7,500
Stop loss: $7,600
profit: $7,250-$7,300
Entry: $7,200-$7,250

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