BTC: It Is A Good Time For Future Contracts Trading In Dec.


Like we predicted before, the shocking range of December will be $6,600-$7,600. so I would suggest that short term traders can do long/short orders back and forth during this range and make profits with the simple forecasts. target $100-$150.

Although the market fluctuates rapidly, it has remained in the range of $7,400-$7,100. At present, the market news is not big. In terms of overall trends, the trend is still bearish .

From the daily chart , the K line is below the Bollinger Band’s middle rail. The space below is relatively large. KDJ is going up.
The Bollinger Bands began to shrink in 4 hours. The Bollinger Band’s middle rail suppressed around $7,400, and place a short order if it did not break and stay at $7,400.
There are signs of crossing between the MA10 and the MA5 . If there is a dead fork in the cross, there will be a wave waterfall in the market.

Key point:
Short: $7,400-$7,450
target: $7,250-$7,150
stop: $7,500
Entry: $7,150-$7,200
target: $7,300-$7,350
stop loss: $7,100

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