BTC: High Probability That The Market Will Continue Shocking This Week

The bulls failed to break through the $7,500 again yesterday, and the highest rushed to $7,479 and then fell back to the $7,270 currently oscillating around $7,300-$7,400.
It can be seen that $7,500 is important resistance, and subsequent price upwards will focus on 7500.

For the 4 hours chart, Bollinger Band is opening upwards, the current price of $7,400 successfully stands above the MA5 , showing that the long party is still continuing their efforts on it. The MACD fast and slow line is sticking together near the zero axis, showing a golden cross, and the RSI is increasing upwards. On the whole, the short-term market trend is still suppressed by the resistance above, and there may be a downward adjustment.

The current trend of kdj is still bullish upward, and it is also an upward trend in the upper track of kdj. Combined with the one-hour kdj, the possibility of upward trend will be particularly high. but the long term trend will be downward for sure.

Key Points:
Short: $7,450-$7,400
Stop loss: $7,500
target 7350–7300–7150
Entry: $7,150-$7,100
Stop loss:$7,000,
target: $7,350-$7,300

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