BTC: Make Profits From The Interval $7,000-$,7300

The market is still oscillating in the $7,100-$7,300. the operating interval is not large, but to make a profit is also possible.
For unilateral operations, I prefer to trade in range fluctuations, because the risks are small and the profits are quite generous, and there is no large risk of set orders.

In the 4-hour chart, Bollinger Bands showed a closing attitude, and the K-line remained in the Bollinger Band’s descending channel near the middle rail.
MA5 and MA10 stick together to form a golden cross. the MACD runs above the 0 axis, and the fast line hook heads upward to form a golden fork. The RSI runs upwards at the 40-level position, and Stoch’s double-line shows an upward attitude. It is currently operating near the 40-level position.

The hourly Bollinger Band is slightly upward, and a weak upward trend emerges. The Kline runs above the middle rail. Based on yesterday ’s trend, the market has a desire to break up in the short term, but no one above it picks up the market. While waiting for the market’s main funds to enter the market, if the market sentiment continues to remain depressed, the dealer will definitely come out and do something!

BTC day operation layout:

1. Short: $7,250-$7,300, target $7,200-$7,100, stop loss $7,450.
2. Entry: $7,100 target $80-$150 stop loss 6950.

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