BTC: Price Raised Up 1000 Points. Attention To Drop Back

the lowest hit $6,430 while the bulls started to rebound. this is the most intense rebound recently, the short order was severely exploded, up to $7,437. after a strong rise of 1000 points, it was hindered to fall and is currently oscillating around $7,150. the rally is only temporary. You can see that the trend above the level next week is still a short trend.
The dealer’s control signal is too obvious.

Looking at the 4-hour chart, after the strong price of Sanlianyang, the upper rail position will run directly from the lower rail position. The current drop is also pulling prices back inside the Bollinger Band , but it is still running near the upper rail. The MA5 broke the MA30 and cross the MA10 at the $6,980 position.

On the day chart, the price continued to rise during the day. the position of the middle rail of the Bollinger Bands was suppressed. After the price fell, it was also running near the middle rail of the Bollinger Bands . The MA5 hooked up. the MACD is forming a golden fork upward trend below the 0 axis. Both RSl and Stoch showed a strong upward trend.

BTC short term operation:
long $7,000-$7,050
target $7,200-$7,300
stop-loss $6,930
Short: $7,250-$7,300
target: $7,100-$7,000
stop-loss $7,370

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