BTC: Large Possibility To Rise $8,000 More In The Next Few Days

The price continued to rise above the previous high of $7,950, showing the madness and ambition of the bulls. Public predictions are that the price of Bitcoin will never drop below $ 7,000. After the breakthrough of the pressure of $7,850, many traders were rescued, and the cost under the dealer will be relatively high, so it is necessary to continue to rise in the future.
The current market is hindered from falling at the $8,000. Due to the continuous rise, it is expected to start a shock and a slight downward trend.

The market has pierced the high of $7,850 on November 30, and the most recent resistance is at the position of $8,240. From the day chart, it has brought a lot of long buying effects to the market trend. The current pattern indicates that it will continue to rise in the later period.

From the BTC came out of an AB = equal to CD pattern. Yesterday’s reminder here will be a 4-hour level main rising wave market! Our first goal has been successfully reached, just a little over $8,000. From $6,500-$8,000, there were prompted six opportunities to go long, and each bottom is accurate! Plans for short orders are not currently considered.

Key Points:
Long: $7,700-$7,600
Target: $7,800-$7,900
Stop loss: $7,500

Target: $7,750-$7,700
Stop loss: $8,050

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