Come Have Bexplus’s 100% Bonus and Be A Big Winner

To welcome new users came to our platform and thank our existing users, each user is eligible to apply for the 100% deposit bonus, and the more BTC you deposit, the more bonus you can get.

What is 100% deposit bonus?

If you deposit bitcoins on Bexplus for the first time, we’ll grant equivalent bitcoins to your account. For example, if you deposit 1 bitcoin, you’ll receive totally 2 bitcoins in your account.

For new users

· Rules

1. Finish the deposit bonus claim form

2. Follow us on Twitter @BexplusExchange and share this Twitter post to your own page and set the shared post as public Or you can join in Bexplus’s Telegram group instead.

3. Then contact us via email ( telling us you have completed the missions above, and we will apply the deposit bonus asap.

4. Participants MUST contact customer service right after completing deposit, and we can grant the bonus match the amount of deposit. However if the balance is lower than the amount of original deposit when you are applying the bonus, the amount of bonus will be lower than the original deposit. For example, you deposited 2 BTC at first, but you spent 1BTC then contact customer service to apply for the bonus, the bonus will be 1BTC, NOT 2BTC. Please be noted.

For regular users

· Rules

1. If you’ve registered with Bexplus for a long time but never tried to ask for 100% deposit bonus, please follow the steps above.

2. If you have shared the post before, you can directly contact us to apply for the bonus.

3. When your accumulative deposit amount is over 0.1 BTC, you’re able to apply for 100% bonus again.

· Notes

1. Bonus will be displayed in the account system, which is not allowed to withdraw. However, profits made by bonus can be withdrawn.

2. When Net Account Value < Bonus * 150%, the system will notify users to make a Margin Call. If users do not make the Margin Call in time, the bonus may be reclaimed.

3. If users trade in different token pairs, the trading tokens will be calculated in BTC.

4. For malicious or cheating users, Bexplus has the right to reclaim the bonus and block the account. Bexplus has the final right to interpret the bonus activity.

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