100x Leverage- Cryptocurrency Leverage Trading

What is leveraged trading?

Leveraged trading is an instrument offered in financial trading, which allows traders to multiply the value of their trades by depositing a small initial amount of capital. In the cryptocurrency market, traders can open a position much larger than their own capital would otherwise allow. It can increase the traders’ profits, while it could also increase their potential risk.  

How does 100x leverage trading work?

“Leverage” refers to the ratio between the position value and the investment needed. The leverage amount is differing among different cryptocurrency exchanges. Some exchanges offer 200x leverage, which allows traders to open a position 200 times the value of their initial deposit, while others limit leverage to 20x, 50x, or 100x.

Bexplus offers the leverage of 100:1 to its users. Assume that you open a position using 0.01 BTC (worth $200) with 100x leverage, then your position is now worth 1 BTC (equal to $2,0000).

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