BTC and Mainstream Cryptocurrencies Are Seriously Differentiated, and Bottom Fishing Needs to Wait-Dec. 24th

Analysts at Bexplus believe that during the short-term BTC fluctuations, signs of adjustment become more and more obvious. At the same time, mainstream cryptocurrencies have all fallen, highlighting the importance of BTC to the overall market. Fortunately, the daily decline of BTC is only 0.96%, but this is not enough to stabilize the trend of the mainstream currency market.

In terms of the direction of the BTC price, there is not much decline during the short-term sideways operation, but investor trading sentiment may be affected by this, and the price will continue to retreat or move sideways. At the same time, most of the mainstream cryptocurrencies have retraced significantly, and the returns are not good when the crypto coins are held for a long period of time during the year. This retracement has a greater impact on currency investors.

Considering that the market value of BTC is very high, the peak value exceeds 72%, which is the highest value in 2 years. This shows that BTC is also very attractive to funds. Following this development, more mainstream cryptocurrencies and small currencies will continue to lose trading opportunities. They lag far behind BTC in terms of growth and expanded their decline during the adjustment period. This is the result of market differentiation.

In the direction of short-term trading, it is still necessary to avoid more funds to buy at the bottom and wait for the period of the highest differentiation in this year to pass before considering short-term trading.