Long and short is showing their hands, the number of BTC on the exchange surged- Dec. 25th

Analysts at Bexplus found that BTC has been trading sideways for a week, and the price still hasn’t moved up significantly. During this period, investors’ enthusiasm for trading has grown, but market changes still depend on the final long & short performances. With the rapid increase in the number of BTC on exchanges, the price of BTC has been on the verge of a breakthrough recently.

In terms of mainstream cryptocurrencies, most cryptocurrencies have reached short-term lows. At the same time, ETH rebounded above $600. In fact, the trend of mainstream cryptocurrencies is divided, ETH and BTC are more linked, and the price is still relatively strong. Next, the pull trend depends on the breakthrough performance of BTC and ETH. Only in this way can the market move forward in the mist.