How and Where to buy Bitcoin (BTC)

What should a customer be aware of before purchasing Bitcoin?

A lot of people today are accepting the different cryptocurrencies. There are currently over 8000 cryptocurrencies on the market. Bitcoin is one of the cryptocurrencies to enter the market earlier. Due to its stability over the years, we can say that Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency with extensive community acceptance. In addition, Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency globally, currently holding a market cap of $848.13 billion. However, Bitcoin has faced fierce competition from other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH). For example, in 2021, Ether increased by about 460%.

On the other hand, Bitcoin rose by 73% in the same year. There have even been experts and investment agencies urging that Ether may exceed Bitcoin in the future. Nonetheless, the same case may be genuine. It would be beneficial if you kept in mind that Bitcoin is one of the most stable cryptocurrencies available. It would be best to learn the following things before rushing to invest in Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin cryptocurrency?

You may state that Bitcoin cryptocurrency is a decentralized currency. Bitcoin lacks a single administrator or a central bank. Therefore, the currency can be exchanged by two or more users without needing intermediaries.

Bitcoin’s investment value

There is a need for you to keep tabs on the price history of Bitcoin. Since its introduction to the market, Bitcoin has been increasing. In addition, some businesses have been accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment since the mid-2010s.

The Steps of how to buy Bitcoin

To purchase Bitcoin, you must first complete a few steps. Furthermore, these steps are pretty simple to follow. So let us break these steps into four quick steps. Specifically, we will discuss buying Bitcoin in Bexplus because it is the most dependable platform.

1. Get a Bitcoin Wallet

You must acquire a Bitcoin wallet that will help you store your Bitcoin. There are two types of storage forms that you may choose. These are hardware wallets and software wallets. Both institutional and traditional investors prefer Bexplus’s interest wallet. They do so because Bexplus’s interest wallet may earn them massive income. Furthermore, it is free to use Bexplus’s interest wallet.

Software wallet

This is the most common wallet that traders use. The wallet tends to store encrypted currency via an app or a program. Therefore, it is similar to a digital bank of the coin. You can acquire it by simply downloading a program. However, this program must generate a public key in the device you are using, for example, a mobile device or computer.

Nonetheless, it would be excellent if you chose to use the Bexplus-created wallets. This is because Bexplus launches an interest-bearing BTC wallet. The wallet is a highly secured offline storage system encrypted with multi-signature technology. If you put BTC into the wallet, you can earn up to 21% yearly interest.

Hardware Wallet

Generally, these are physical devices that keep encrypted private keys. There is a portable key that you may use to access your digital assets. Bexplus creates its wallets. Therefore, you may opt to use these Bexplus-created wallets or the others that third parties make.

2. Visit the Bexplus venue and create an account

Creating an account with Bexplus is very simple. You usually use an e-mail address when you want to register with Bexplus. In addition, you don’t have to provide your details such as utility bills, name, passport, and address. Moreover, the process is straightforward, for it takes a short period of a few minutes.

3. Purchase Bitcoin

Before you carry out the next step, you need to deposit other tokens in your new Bexplus account. You should then open the purchase order page to invest in Bitcoin quickly.

Where to buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is similar to other cryptocurrencies. Therefore, an investor intending to buy Bitcoin has to do so via the online market. You can buy Bitcoin in these four exchanges. Let us discuss the exchanges in detail.

Bexplus is one of the top cryptocurrency platforms

Bexplus is one of the most reliable online platforms to trade your cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. Moreover, the trading platform offers its users a 1:1 deposit bonus. In addition, you get more benefits when you opt to trade with Bexplus. The reason to state this is that Bexplus offers a leverage ratio of 100 times. Therefore, your income may multiply 100 times than usual.
Moreover, Bexplus tends to provide investors with profitable investment opportunities. You should also note that Bexplus responds to its users quickly. Additionally, Bexplus has been operating in the financial and futures trading field for more than four years. As a result, Bexplus is the best Bitcoin exchange.

Step 1 of Where to buy Bitcoin

As we have stated, Bexplus is one of the most excellent Bitcoin exchanges. However, you need to own an account in Bexplus to buy, sell or hold Bitcoin. You should therefore browse Bexplus’ website and sign up.

Step 2 of Where to buy Bitcoin

On the Bexplus website, there is the username icon at the far right of the navigation bar. You should click the icon. After that, in the pop-up drop-down menu, click “Deposit”.

Step 3 of Where to buy Bitcoin

In your newly created account, you should then deposit funds. There are two ways to deposit funds in your Bexplus account.

  • Deposit other coins on Bexplus

You can send other coins such as XRP, USDT, EOS, and ETH to buy Bitcoin. To transfer currency to your Bexplus account, you must scan the QR code. Each cryptocurrency has a different wallet address. Therefore, you should use the corresponding wallet for the transfer.

  • Deposit funds via a bank account

Here, there is quite a small process

  1. You should click “Buy Bitcoin instantly” on the Deposit page. This will jump you to the purchase page.
  2. You should fill in the “Choose your currency” item on the Buy page. In addition, you should fill “Choose your country” and choose Bitcoin.
  3. Upon completion, there will be multiple real-time orders popping up. Commonly, most buyers choose the “BEST OFFER” item.
  4. Click on the “Buy now” button. After that, fill in your Bitcoin wallet address.
  5. You should check the “I agree with Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and AML/KYC” item. After that, click the “Go to payment” button.
  6. Wait until the web page redirects to the payment provider’s website.
  7. You should then check the order summary. After that, select a payment method from either “Global bank transfer (SEPA & SWIFT)” or “Credit/Debit card”.
  8. Let us take “Credit/Debit card” as an example. Select the “Credit/Debit card” item and continue to the next step.
  9. Fill in the “Card details” information and click next.
  10. Upon completing the order, Bitcoin coins will reflect in your Bexplus wallet.

Step 4 of Where to buy Bitcoin

  1. Upon depositing your cryptocurrency, you should click on “Trading”.
  2. Tap “BTC/USDT” currency on the “Trade” page.
  3. After that, enter the volume you have bought in the “Market” column. Lastly, you should check the order information before clicking the “Ok” button. Upon completion, you will have successfully invested in Bitcoin on Bexplus.

Upon completion, you will have successfully invested in Bitcoin on Bexplus.

Other Bitcoin cryptocurrency exchanges

Generally, Bexplus is the most reliable and excellent online exchange many people recommend. However, some cryptocurrency exchanges allow Bitcoin swaps. 

Moreover, there is a need to offer traders other options. Let us discuss some of these exchanges.


This exchange experiences the most significant trading volumes in the cryptocurrency market. Here, users do not have to create a wallet to store their cryptocurrencies. Binance offers a wallet where users can easily store their cryptocurrencies. In addition, Binance offers a lot of trading pairs for Bitcoin trading to meet the needs of diversified users.


  • There are low transaction costs.
  • It supports the enormous amount of cryptocurrencies.
  • It is a very secure platform.


  • It is a very complex platform.
  • It is not available in many states in the United States.
  • It has been investigated in the past on suspected money laundering and tax violations.


Coinbase is an online exchange platform that enables buying, selling, and storing different cryptocurrencies. The online exchange operates remote-first. Therefore, it does not have an official physical headquarters.


  • It supports multiple cryptocurrencies.
  • It has a mobile app.


  • It is associated with high fees.
  • It compromises the privacy of people involved in a transaction.
  • It does not support small transactions.


Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss co-founded Gemini in 2014. Gemini allows users to buy and sell their cryptocurrencies. In addition, the cryptocurrency online exchange platform and custodian allow users to store their digital assets conveniently.


  • Easy to use


  • In comparison to other exchanges, Gemini has greater costs.
  • Gemini lacks certain popular cryptocurrencies.
100x LeverageVarious based on volume × ×
Simple Interface× × ×
Deposit Bonus1:1 Deposit Bonus × × ×
Demo account × × ×
No KYC × × ×
Best for security × × ×
Best for low fees × × ×

As of February 2022, all these four platforms offer Bitcoin trading pairs. However, it would be best to choose Bexplus as it is the most efficient Bitcoin cryptocurrency trading platform.

In what payment method can a buyer purchase Bitcoin

A user may use various payment methods to buy Bitcoin. The following are standard methods for purchasing Bitcoin. You should choose one payment method that you view as suitable.

Buy Bitcoin with a debit card or credit

In Bexplus, you can easily buy Bitcoin with a debit or a credit card. Therefore, you may use either Visa or MasterCard to purchase Bitcoin as a buyer.

Buy Bitcoin via bank transfer

You may want to use a bank transfer to purchase Bitcoin. This is one of how you can successfully buy Bitcoin. However, this process will force you to wait a few days so that the transaction can be successful. The longer the transaction takes, the higher you may miss your best time to purchase Bitcoin. Therefore, using bank transfer as a payment method has its flaws. This method is most suitable for investing Bitcoin in small amounts.

Purchase Bitcoin with other cryptocurrencies

You may also opt to buy Bitcoin with other cryptocurrencies you may possess. Luckily for you, Bexplus offers a favorable price to exchange Bitcoin.

Get Bitcoin through Paypal

If you already own a PayPal account, it is easy to buy Bitcoin. However, if you don’t hold an account, you must first create one. After that, click the “Crypto” button and choose Bitcoin.

Where to keep your Bitcoin

As a result, a cryptocurrency wallet is required for security reasons. Moreover, it will be easy to transfer your Bitcoin from the exchange platform to your wallet. These wallets come in two forms cold wallets and hot wallets. Cold (hardware) wallets are small devices that help users store their Bitcoin in a private key. These wallets are generally safe than software wallets. The reason to state this is that cold wallets do not connect to the internet. Hot (software) wallets are apps that users can use in web browsers, phones, or desktop computers. In addition, they store Bitcoin’s private key. However, they do connect to the internet; thus, they are safer, for they may be subjected to hacking.

Bexplus wallet security standards

As earlier stated, you may store your Bitcoin in the Bexplus wallet. Some of the security measures that the Bexplus wallet possesses are its multi-signature withdrawals and SSL encryption.

Bexplus wallet is free to use

There are no hidden fees in the Bexplus wallet. Furthermore, you use the Bexplus wallet for free.

How to buy Bitcoin in different countries

How to buy Bitcoin in Russia

Different exchanges offer Bitcoin in Russia. However, these exchanges have varying transaction charges attached to them. Russians are also trading Bitcoin due to its stability over the years. Here is a short guide on how Russians buy Bitcoin.

  1. You may choose the most relevant exchange in Russia. For instance, Bexplus is available in Russia. Moreover, Bexplus has been known to be a convenient exchange platform.
  2. Create an account and make sure you enter the correct data. In addition, ensure that you have finished verifying the account.
  3. Upon completing the creation and verification of the account, ensure that you deposit some funds. You may then proceed to search Bitcoin in the market list of other cryptocurrencies and buy your first Bitcoin.

How to buy Bitcoin in Brazil

Due to its stability in recent years, people have been optimistic about Bitcoin’s trend in the coming years. Therefore, people buy Bitcoin in large volumes, and Brazilians are not exempt. Here is a short guide on how a Brazilian in Brazil can buy Bitcoin.

  1. You should first register to a reputable online exchange platform such as Bexplus.
  2. Moreover, the process should take a few minutes of your time. The process should be completed so that you can trade.
  3. You need to recharge your account by depositing something to start the trade. After that, deposit some digital assets in your already created account so that you may be eligible for trading.

How to buy Bitcoin in Italy

The European Union is known to have a friendly attitude towards cryptocurrencies and decentralized assets such as Bitcoin. Therefore, it is straightforward to buy Bitcoin if you are in Italy. You can easily buy Bitcoin if you are in Italy from the exchange platforms located in Europe or even abroad. Here is a simplified and short guide of how a user in Italy can easily buy Bitcoin.

  1. First, you should register in a suitable online exchange like Bexplus or Binance.
  2. The next step will involve you verifying your details.
  3. You should then transfer the funds or fiat currency to your account.
  4. You can now easily trade your assets into Bitcoin.

Generally, Bitcoin is worth your time. Most importantly, it is worth your money. Due to its price history and stability in the market, we advise investing in Bitcoin. It’s one of the oldest and most well-known trustworthy cryptocurrencies on the market. In addition, many investment agencies have made optimistic predictions regarding Bitcoin. After understanding how and where to buy Bitcoin, you should consider optimizing your investment portfolio. However, it would help if you always remembered that Bitcoin is a risky investment.

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