XRP Price Prediction from 2021 to 2025 And Beyond


Many people care about the XRP price prediction, especially after the company Ripple got involved in a lawsuit with SEC( the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission). Up to date, the case does not end yet. Now, we will figure out what is Ripple(XRP), XRP price history, Ripple coin price prediction, and its potential. Keep on reading this post.

What is Ripple(XRP)?

Ripple is a company that provides a payment protocol that can be compared to a payment system, money transfer network, as well as currency exchange. As a cryptocurrency, Ripple(XRP) was first released in 2012. The network is called RippleNet. XRP is its native currency that can be used to trade or carry out a cross-border transaction. The transaction is fast with low fees, which is one of its selling points and makes it stand out from other coins. 

Jed McCaleb and Chris Larsen co-founded the corporation OpenCoin and later renamed it Ripple Labs, which is now led by CEO Brad Garlinghouse. Those leaders are keen on creating a decentralized payment system that speeds up cross-border transactions like gold and fiat currencies between large financial institutions like banks as well as reduces the service fees to the lowest. 

The Ripple coin is a popular payment currency that speeds over other cryptocurrencies. It takes nearly 10-minute for Bitcoin to confirm a transaction while it only takes 5-second for XRP to do that. Now it is kind of easy for you to understand why Ripple is one of the best investments for crypto investors.

XRP Price Prediction

XRP Price History

Ripple is not mined but issued by its creator and the supply amount of it is limited to 100,000,000,000 XRP. There are currently over 46 billion in circulation. It is worth noting that part of the Ripple coins will be destroyed in each transaction. That is to say, the number of available Ripple coins will continue to decrease over time. The rule of supply and demand may push up the price of Ripple. At the time of writing, XRP is the sixth-ranked cryptocurrency by market cap. Now let us date back to the XRP prices history to see how its value changes since its birth.

In 2017


Yearly Open price: $0.0065; Close price: $2.3006

Prior to 2017, the price of Ripple coin was stable-almost unchanged, staying below $0.01 for a long time. From this price performance, it can also be seen that in the early days, Ripple was mainly used and welcomed by various banks as a means of payment, such as Bank of America and American Express. 

It was not until March 2017 that the first price jump occurred, which soared to $0.03 on March 18th. In the following months of the year, XRP grew rapidly above $0.4. This may be associated with the revelation that American Express and Santander have teamed up with Ripple for direct cross-border payments via the company’s blockchain tech.

Though XRP price retraced, according to the ripple price chart below, it broke through $2 in the last month. This was leading by the rally of Bitcoin, the primary cryptocurrency in the world, to some extent.

XRP Price Prediction

In 2018


Yearly Open price: $2.2960; Close price: $0.3527

With the prosperous development in 2017, XRP became the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency by value. Ripple USD price hit a new high at $3.3778 on January 7th. The company announced that three of the top five global money transfer companies will be using Ripple at the beginning of 2018. Later, the US-based money transfer company, MoneyGram, built a partnership with Ripple. 

In February, the coin fell to $0.58 but then rebounded to $1 per XRP. This may be related to the announcement from Spanish multinational bank and financial services company Santander that they were to be working on Ripple-powered international money transfer apps in four European countries. 

However, the XRP price then never went back to $1 again since March. And in May, an investor who made significant losses by investing in XRP sued Ripple that the company violated federal security laws. In addition, the price of XRP began to decline steadily and it traded around $0.3 most of the time, even hitting $0.28 in December. Despite this, some of the cryptocurrency exchanges started offering XRP as an asset on their platforms.

In 2019


Yearly Open price: $0.3525; Close price: $0.1929

The price keeps slight changes throughout the year, basically maintaining between $0.1-$0.4. On the last day of 2019, XRP closed the year at $0.19. 

Ripple continued to attract big names like Santander, American Express, and J. P. Morgan, but it seems they failed to insert new life to the XRP’s price. It is worth noting that XRP was still the third-largest digital asset after Bitcoin and Ethereum, even after losing around $3 billion in market capitalization that year. Ripple is still the popular cross-border payment channel among the financial giants.

In 2020


Yearly Open price: $0.1929; Close price: $0.2198

The XRP price began the new year around $0.1 and then it soared up to $0.326 in mid-February. However, the price then stayed constant at around $0.2 in the following months. By November, the price rallied to $0.7, unfortunately, it closed yearly trade at $0.2.

In December, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit alleging that Ripple had conducted unregistered securities offerings by selling XRP. It claimed that Ripple sold 14.6 billion “units” of XRP for $1.3 billion. With the news, a number of exchanges, like Coinbase, Kraken suspended trading of XRP or delisted the asset. The news had a heavy impact on the price of XRP (from the XRP price chart below)- it was down over 65%.

XRP Price Prediction

The price of XRP was tortuous – from the relatively high $0.78 before the announcement from the SEC to the low $0.17 after the occurrence of the lawsuit. 

The chart below is the overview of XRP yearly history price by far:

XRP/USD Open Price Yearly High Yearly Low Close Price
2017 $0.0065 $0.3516 $0.0054 $2.3006
2018 $2.2960 $3.3778 $0.2637 $0.3527
2019 $0.3525 $0.4748 $0.1837 $0.1929
2020 $0.1929 $0.6921 $01.759 $0.2198

Ripple Price Prediction

XRP price is stable-low all the time since its birth until the burst in 2018 that it set an all-time high. With the diversification of the crypto market, this coin gradually becomes not that extraordinary but still has a significant role in the payment channel. Ripple still has its own value in the market. Regarding the hot event, SEC lawsuit, it is worth noting that it has a boost to the price of XRP in some ways. Let us find out what happens this year 2021 and predict how will the future of XRP price go.

XRP Price Prediction

XRP Price Prediction 2021

With the development of the SEC v.s Ripple case, the price of XRP recovered to some extent. Ripple won a request from a court judge to force the SEC to release documents related to how the entity arrived at deeming Bitcoin and Ethereum not securities. The price of the token subsequently pumped to $1 and kept climbing, rushing nearly to $2. At the time of writing, the current Ripple price is hovering around $1.1. To find out the live Ripple price, please click here.

According to the CEO of Ripple, Garlinghouse, the SEC suit has not stopped Ripple Labs’ mission from consolidating a speedy, cross-border payments system with its overseas partners. 2021 is one of the most important years to XRP and even other cryptocurrencies. Regarding the XRP price prediction, if all retailers and institutional investors have strong confidence in XRP and the lawsuit has a good result, XRP may go up to its all-time high(ATH) $3 again or even register a new ATH.  But what if Ripple fails? The price may experience a shock.

Regardless of the impact of the case, according to the trajectory of the Bollinger Bands of last year, the XRP price will trade in the channel in the following months. The price might go up above $2.2 and trade around $1 at the end.

XRP Price Prediction 2022

The Ripple-SEC lawsuit may not close till 2022 and the outcome may be good for the Ripple side. In such an assumption, the XRP price could trade at a higher value. If the case does not close in 2022, the price of XRP may continue its similar performance as it acts in 2020 – 2021 or may even worse unless people have highly continual attention on the case. 

From the perspective of technical analysis, it is believed that moving average convergence divergence(MACD) shall be one of the useful indicators. MACD is a trend-following momentum indicator that shows the relationship between two moving averages of a coin’s price. Traders may buy the cryptocurrency when the MACD crosses above its signal line and sell it when the MACD crosses below the signal line. The common methods of MACD application are crossovers, divergences, and rapid rises/falls.

From the above chart, we can find that the price trend is matching the MACD, that is, the crossovers are the main signal of the price changes. Then we could say the future price of XRP in 2022 could be an upside since the buy signals are much more than the sell signals. If investors keep a positive attitude towards Ripple, the price might go up to more than $3.5.

XRP Price Prediction 2023-2024

Cryptocurrencies are intensely linking together in the crypto market. The leading coin, Bitcoin, can always set off market volatility. Besides, the second-largest coin by market cap, Ethereum, is the most popular among altcoins. Under the impetus of Bitcoin and Ethereum, XRP could also be activated and set a new high above $5 in 2023 and $10 in 2024. With the global recovery from the coronavirus, people may pay more attention to the crypto sphere, which can bring more flow to XRP.

XRP Price Prediction 2025-2030

The development of Ripple company can, of course, greatly affect the price of its currency as well. Ripple is to cooperate with more Latin American and European banks, promoting its payment technology and its cryptocurrency. This can lead to significant growth in the XRP price. With the increasing adoption of XRP and the stable partnership with international banks, the price of  XRP could rise to $50 or more in the long term.

The chart below is the prediction of Ripple future price:


Potential High

Potential Low

The second half of 2021















What Did Investment Agencies say?


According to the latest long-term forecast, the Ripple price will hit $2 by the end of 2021 and then $3 by the end of 2022. Ripple will rise to $5 within the year 2027.

Crypto Ground

They believe the cryptocurrency will trade above $2 in 2025 and 2026. The primary trend is bullish. In 2026, the price of XRP may stay at $2.54.

Wallet Investor

The website is positive about XRP in 2025. The average price will stay above $2 during the year. There is a chance it will increase to $2.6 at the end of December 2025. As for the first half of 2026, the price will fluctuate near $2.5. 

Long Forecast

The Economy Forecast Agency is bearish about the price of Ripple in 2022-2023. The price will decline from $0.45 to $0.39 during 2022. Price volatility won’t be high.

In 2023, the price will be set at $0.39 in January. 

Conclusion: Is XRP A Good Investment?

Ripple has the potential to insert into many industries and it has the backing from a team of experts at Ripple Labs and other XRP investors, who are making efforts to push the adoption of the cryptocurrency. Garlinghouse has said that the industry should focus on utility and Ripple will continue to leverage its XRP ledger and tokens to make payments efficiently. Still, the company is dealing with the SEC case.

It is not clear what the outcome will be, but the mission of Ripple is quite clear – a faster and more convenient payment channel. Meanwhile, the fate of XRP will be to advance and retreat together with Ripple. Since the market is volatile, investors should be cautious and do research on Ripple price analysis when making investments.


  • Where Can I Buy XRP?

Besides using XRP to process transactions, you can buy XRP as an investment, like any other digital currency. But due to the lawsuit filed by the SEC in December 2020, alleging that Ripple’s sale of XRP was an unregistered security. After that, XRP has been delisted from many crypto exchanges. So where to buy Ripple now? XRP can still be purchased on various exchanges or platforms like Kraken, Bitstamp, and Crypto.com.

  • How to buy XRP?

The method of purchasing Ripple is similar on different platforms. Usually, you need to sign up for an account and then verify it. After getting the account, you can deposit fiat or cryptocurrency to buy XRP.

  • Should You Buy Or Invest XRP?

It is risky to involve any cryptocurrency activity, so does XRP investing. If you decide to buy or invest in XRP cryptocurrency, you should do your own research and set your financial goals. Always remember gains and losses are twins – you may earn a high profit while may lose a lot in this volatile crypto market.

  • Why Use XRP (Ripple)?

Comparing to other main cryptocurrencies, XRP is advanced with a lower cost of payment and faster speed. For instance, if you need to send money to someone through SWIFT, the recipient would be charged 3%-5% of the amount as a processing fee. But with Ripple, the recipient pays only 0.00001 XRP as security for the transaction.

Ripple network is powerful with huge scalability per second and is super eco-friendliness among the crypto market. XRP consistently handles 1,500 transactions per second, 24×7, and can be scaled to handle 50,000 transactions every second. The XRP Ledger settles transactions instantly without the energy costs associated with proof of work or mining. 

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