Long vs short

Cryptocurrency trading is generally simple. If you are seeking riskier yet more profitable trading product, give margin trading a try. With Bexplus' advanced, simple trading interface, you can leverage up to 100x go long or short positions on a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Up position (Long)

Supposed that BTC now prices at $10, 000 and you predict that its price will increase to $10, 500, noticing some positive news to BTC market, so you open a 10 BTC position to long BTC. With 100x leverage added, only $1, 000 is required as margin.

If BTC price did surge to $10, 500 with the increasing rate of 5%, your profit would equal to


Down position (Short)

If you found that Bitcoin fails to reach the newly higher and signals a downward trend, you can choose to open a short position. For example, you invest in $1, 000 to enter a 10 BTC short trade at the price of $10, 000 (1:100 leverage), predicting BTC would decline to $9, 500.

Suppose BTC falls to $9, 500 as your prediction, you would also earn (10*$500)-$1, 000=$4, 000.

Profit from Market UP

Profit from Market Down

Amplify Profit from Market Fluctuation

Take advantage of the market swing to make great profits by leveraging margin trading.

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