Recommended websites for buying BTC

Websites where you can buy and sell coins with fiat money.

Icon Website name Fiat currency Link address
bitflyer bitflyer Japanese Yen Buy
Zaif Zaif Japanese Yen Buy
Remitano Remitano Vietnamese dong,Chinese Yuan,Brunei Dollar,Ghanaian Cedi,Indonesian Rupiah,New Zealand Dollar,Kenyan Shilling,Norwegian Krone Buy
bithumb bithumb Korean Won Buy
Luno Luno Indonesian Rupiah,Malaysian Ringgit,Nigerian Naira,South African Rand Buy
Upbit Upbit Korean Won Buy
Foxbit Foxbit Brazilian Real Buy
Gemini Gemini US Dollar Buy
CoinsBank CoinsBank Euro,British Pound,Russian Ruble,US Dollar Buy
Bitlish Bitlish Euro,Russian Ruble,US Dollar Buy
BITSSA BITSSA Nigerian Naira Buy
Coinbase Coinbase US Dollar Buy
Localbitcoins Localbitcoins Russian Ruble,US Dollar Buy

Important notes: Bexplus will only provide websites as references where the BTC can be purchased with fiat currency and it's suggested that after purchasing the BTC should be deposited into our platform immediately.

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