Activity Rules

Bexplus wallet has new upgrade, safely deposit your bitcoin in Bexplus to earn interest. You may earn both Interest and Trading profit. Act now!

1.Visit Bexplus and contact our customer service to confirm the qualification and profit range:


( bexplusglobal )


( bexplusexchange )


( )


( )

2.The Annual interest is up to 72%, Bexplus will compute the interest everyday(UTC-00:00:00)base to your Free capital (Balance+Floating Profit-Margin used). Bonus is not included.

3.Bexplus issue interest to Users account at the last day of the month.

4.The acitvity is regulate by platform rules and local raws. Bexplus hold the final explanation right of the activity.

5.Activity start at February 28, 2019.

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