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30% commission for our Agency

2019/02/19 00:00:00

Terms & Conditions

1. The referral commission rate is 30% of your invitees' transaction fees. You will earn as long as your invitee trades.

2. Once an invitation is successful, both inviter and invitee will enjoy the trading priviledges from Bexplus which lead 10% off for every transaction service charge.

3. You will receive referral commission instantly. Bonus trading is also included

4. For every transaction is performed successfully by the invitee - despite of any types of tokens, commission will always be distrbuted in bitcoins.

5. You may check your total amount of commissions and invitees on the promotion page. However, detailed commission amount from each trading or from each invitee could not be provided yet. (We will release this function subsequently.)

6. We will not be responsible for missing, incorrect or repeated submission of invitation codes.

7. In order to acquire the commission, Users have to apply to be our agency, please contact our customer service for agency details.

8. Commission activity should follow all the rules in the platform.


1. During promotion period, Bexplus has the right to disqualify any user who violates the terms and condition from participating, as well as to confiscate any issued commissions and bonus.

2. Please contact Bexplus customer service if you have any question. Bexplus reserves the right to the final interpretation of the above terms.