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Up to 72% Annualized Interest of Upgraded BTC Wallet

2019/03/07 14:08:38


In order to help the BTC at the hand of "Hodlers" appreciate even during the bear market, Bexplus Demand Deposit provides purchase and redemption services of stable, secure and reliable financial product for BTC holders.

1.The Annual interest is up to 72%, Bexplus will compute the interest everyday(UTC-00:00:00)base to your Free capital (Balance+Floating Profit-Margin used). Bonus is not included.

2.Interest will be credited in users' accounts on the last day of the month.

3.All-round interest - both your balance and profits of each transaction will be calculated interest.

The activity starts on February 28, 2019 (UTC 00:00)


Contact our customer service to confirm the qualification and profit range

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