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Bexplus exchange, the new cryptocurrency trading product

2018/10/29 06:10:49

Dear Investors, 

Bexplus is the world-leading derivative platform in Cryptocurrency area. The platform devotes to offer trading service to investors for going long or short with up to 100x leverage. Investors can easily access to global financial markets by using bitcoin. 

At present Bexplus offers Perpetual Contracts base on assigned Cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH, our platform will introduce more high-quality trading products in the future. 

Bexplus is built by senior blockchain architects, experienced financial traders, and internet professionals. Our team has over 50 years of combined professional experience which lead us to be the top development and operation team in Cryptocurrency and derivative trading area. Base to the powerful strength and comprehensive plan, the team has successfully completed tens of millions of US dollar fundraising which provides solid foundation of the long-term plan of the platform. 

Bexplus has established the operation centers with over 100 employees in United States, Brazil, India, and Hongkong. The platform commits to provide superior services which seriously completes every transaction for helping investors realize capital growth and create more chances for achieving financial freedom. 

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