50% cash back at the first deposit

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Activity Rules

1.To get rewards, it’s essential to contact our staff first.

The users may contact Bexplus staff via:

Customer service email

2.The amount of the rewarded BTC will be displayed in the bonus system, which will not be allowed to withdraw.

3.The BTC earned by the user using the bonus system will be displayed in the balance system, which will be able to withdraw.

4.Trading time limit: (UTC + 0) bonus within 60 days from the account and shall be deleted once expired.

5.If the users have traded in other tokens in the activity period, then conversion will be applied according to the real-time exchange rate between the two currencies.

6.For maliciously seeking gifts or cheating users, Bexplus has the right to dispose of its bonus and limit the withdrawal of the bonus. The Bexplus official has the final right to interpret the bonus activity.

7.Activity time: From December 1st, 2018 to January 30th, 2019.

8.If users withdraw BTC during the activity, their bonus will be reclaimed.