Bexplus Trading Rules

Account & Tokens

Bexplus only accepts BTC for top-up and withdrawal. User can choose to invest in all types of tokens provided in this app, but the margin and profits will be finalized and converted to BTC.


Bexplus offers 100 times of leverage. If you buy a long position and there is a rise of the price by 1%, your profit will reach 100%. Conversely, if you buy a short position and there is a fall of the price by 1%, your profit will also reach 100%. However, if your holding position is the opposite of the price trend, your losses will also be calculated alike

Minimum trade volume

The minumum trade volumes for each token are as follows: 0.1BTC, 1ETH, 10LTC. ……the increment equal to step.(You only need to provide one percent of the contract.)

Maximum trade volume

The maximum trade volumes for each token are as follows: 100BTC, 2,000ETH, 10,000LTC.(You only need to provide one percent of the contract.)

The maximum number of orders

You may hold up to 10 orders at one time.

Trading hours

Bexplus's trading hours and services open 24/7

Service charge

Bexplus will charge 0.075% (7.5 units in every ten thousand) from each transaction as a service charge.

Loan interest

Bexplus offers trades with 100 times of leverage, hence as you take a position at GMT 0:00, you will need to pay approximately 0.02% of the contract as a loan interest. But if you close a position before this time, you will not be charged with any loan interest.

Loss mitigation (auto-selling at loss)

When the losses of your order reach 70% of your account, the sytem will automatically shut down your order to prevent further losses.

No deficit (negative balance)

Even if the highly volatile of in real-time market index, your maximum loses will be limited at your account balance. No negative balance will occur.

Auto-selling in profits

When the profits reach 85% of your balance amount, the corresponding position will be auto-sold at the market price by the system.

Bexplus index

Bexplus index is combined from five top exchanges in the world - Binance, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Huobi, ZB - and provides calculations based on the data weight.

Anti-money Laundering

Regarding the prevention of terrorist financing and anti-money laundering (AML), users withdrawal should reach to the minimum trade volume (base to BTC). Please follow the formula below. The minimum trade volume = deposit/0.0015(the formula is calculated by BTC, All Trades in other token pairs should convert to BTC for calculating.) Commission accounts and Vip accounts are excluded.