Beginner's guides

  • Bexplus Wallet account FAQ

    1. What about wallet security?Most of the users' cryptocurrencies (bitcoin) are stored in our offline storage system (cold storage). Only a small percentage of cryptocurrencies are stored in the h... Read more >

     2019-07-16 14:27:22

  • How to Register on Mobile App?

    Bexplus allows you to register via email. After registration, you can sign in the account and start futures trading. When you firstly sign up, please perform the following steps:1/3 Click th... Read more >

     2018-10-26 06:27:41

  • Installation Instruction for Bexplus iOS App

    Bexplus is available on Apple App store, you may download in App store by searching “Bexplus”Bexplus exchange platform is the world-leading derivative platform in Cryptocurrency area. The platfor... Read more >

     2018-10-26 03:59:03

  • Installation Instruction for Bexplus Android App

    Bexplus is now available in Google Play, you may download in Google Play by searching “Bexplus”1.Open mobile web browser, type the website: Read more >

     2018-10-25 10:47:36

  • Account Password Security

    1. What to do if I forget my login password?If the login password is forgotten, you can reset your login password through your email address.Log in Bexplus website, click “Forget Password” button unde... Read more >

     2018-10-25 10:46:40

  • Forget Bexplus Account Password? (Mobile App)

    1/4Click “Forgot Password” button on the log in page.2/4Enter your email of registration and the verification code received. 3/4Enter new password and tap Complete.4/4Reset password successfully.... Read more >

     2018-10-25 10:42:39

  • Cannot Receive Email from Bexplus?

    If you fail to receive the email, please perform the following steps:1. Ensure your email address is correct that you entered when signing up.2. Check emails in the Spam and Trash mail. 3. Set th... Read more >

     2018-10-25 10:39:51

  • Forget Bexplus Account Password? (Website)

    1/4Click “Forgot password?” button on the log in page.2/4Enter your registered email and then the verification code you received.3/4Set a new password and then fill in again. Click "Confirm"... Read more >

     2018-10-25 10:07:00

  • Invitation Code Description (Expired)

    When you register an account, you can choose to fill in the invitation code if you got one. You can also share your invitation code to your friends. Activity details:1. After the invitee fills in... Read more >

     2018-10-25 10:05:48

  • Fail to Receive the Verification Code?

    If you fail to receive the verification code, please follow the following steps:1. Ensure your email address is correct that you entered when signing up.2. If correct, then check your spam box or othe... Read more >

     2018-10-25 09:05:05

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