Contract guides

  • How to Use the BTC Demo Trading Account? (Website)

    After a new account successfully registered, 10 BTC will be given to the simulated account, which can be traded at any time.1/5Open the Exchange page and click "Trading simulation" to switch... Read more >

     2018-10-26 11:14:00

  • What are futures contract and margin trading?

    It is equivalent that a customer completes an order and generating a contract. Trading on our platform, the traders only need to pay a small amount of funds at a certain rate of the contract price as ... Read more >

     2018-10-26 10:44:03

  • How to Use the BTC Demo Trading Account (Mobile App)

    After a new account successfully registered, 10 BTCs will be given to the simulated account, which can be traded at any time.1/7Log in and open the profile, Click and switch to simulation button. ... Read more >

     2018-10-26 10:36:00

  • How to Make Profit on Futures Trading?

    Take this K-line as an example:1. At the ① point, suppose that you are short-selling at this time, carry out the sell operation, and close the position at the ② position. At this time, you can get 75.... Read more >

     2018-10-26 10:23:03

  • What Are “Take-profit Order” and “Stop-loss Order”?

    Take-profit order:A take-profit order helps investors lock in profits. After you preset a take-profit order, if the market price reaches the trigger price you set, your order will be closed at that pr... Read more >

     2018-10-26 06:03:33

  • Brief Introduction of Trading on Bexplus

    1. What kinds of cryptocurrencies can be traded?BTC, ETH, XRP, EOS and LTC.2. Can they be traded 24 hours a day?You can trade 24/7/365.3. What are the minimum volume and maximum volume in each transac... Read more >

     2018-10-26 05:57:05

  • How to Trade Futures Contracts on Bexplus App?

    1/5After logging in, click “Market” button at the bottom to enter the page, where you can see BTC, ETH and LTC's real-time market price.  2/5Tap BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT or LTC/USDT as you wan... Read more >

     2018-10-26 03:51:10

  • How to Trade Crypto Futures on PC

    1/4Log in, find “Exchange”, and click to enter. 2/4Click the trading pair BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT or LTC/USDT as you like to enter the corresponding trading page. 3/4Then you can ... Read more >

     2018-10-26 03:10:14

  • What's 100x Leveraged BTC Futures Trading?

    In financial trading, the use of leverage can multiply your profit, while you have to assume bigger risk of loss at the same time. Bexplus leverage trading is a derivative financial instrument of fina... Read more >

     2018-10-25 10:20:18

  • What is Contract for Difference (CFD)?

    The Contract for difference is a financial product derived from stocks and containing high leverage and is an efficient way to buy and sell stocks, indices, futures, and other commodities. The Co... Read more >

     2018-10-25 10:00:00

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