What Are “Take-profit Order” and “Stop-loss Order”?

 2018-10-26 06:03:33
In this guide, we will introduce you what is stop-profit and stop-loss, and how to set it in cryptocurrency futures trading.

Take-profit order:

A take-profit order helps investors lock in profits. After you preset a take-profit order, if the market price reaches the trigger price you set, your order will be closed at that price and you can take profits. 

* Investors are likely to gain larger profits.

Stop-loss order:

A stop-loss order helps investors reduce loss. After you preset a stop-loss order, if the market price reaches the trigger price you set, the stop-loss order will become a market order, and you can trade with the optimal market price available at that time.

Note: Any order (including take-profit and stop-loss orders) possibly fails to be executed at the preset price due to market fluctuation and gap. Under such circumstance, the orders will be executed at the next most favorable market price. Besides, during the trading time and before orders are executed, investors can freely change or cancel all sorts of orders in line with Bexplus's requirements of setting orders.

* Bexplus is entitled to instantly change settings because of market fluctuations without further notice.

The term of validity of take-profit and stop-loss orders:

Clients are allowed to change the settings of take-profit and stop-loss orders at any time before they are triggered.

The settings of take-profit and stop-loss orders are valid until they are triggered or canceled by clients.

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