• What is Bitcoin Fork?

    If you have been following cryptocurrency news at all lately, you may have noticed the hard fork of Bitcoin Cash, which is also a kind of Bitcoin fork. We keep hearing about the fork but what does for... Read more >

     2018-12-13 18:03:53

  • What is Ethereum?

    Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency in the market (now ranks third after Ripple) according to the market cap. Before you invest in ethereum, read this guide and first understand what is it, ... Read more >

     2018-12-11 16:47:58

  • How Do I Buy Bitcoin?

    In the 2017 crypto bull market, Bitcoin (what is bitcoin) reached its peak to $20,000, and tales about Bitcoin millionaire constantly appear. Cryptocurrencies trading, bitcoin trading in particular, b... Read more >

     2018-12-10 18:02:24

  • How to Invest in Cryptocurrecy?

    Like it or not, the burgeoning cryptocurrency has gradually been getting on its stage in the global financial market. Despite cryptocurrency has not yet been widely recognized and legalized, people ar... Read more >

     2018-12-06 17:51:01

  • What is Bitcoin Mining?

    No matter you are a beginner or investor in cryptocurrency market, you may hear the phrase “bitcoin mining”. But what is it? Read this article, we will introduce you everything related to Bitcoin mini... Read more >

     2018-12-05 18:02:49

  • What is Bitcoin?

    What is Bitcoin?In 2008, a paper titled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” authored by Satoshi Nakamoto was post on the site “”. He learned from previous digital currency, lik... Read more >

     2018-12-05 15:11:26

  • All You Should Know about Cryptocurrency

    What is Cryptocurrency?Cryptocurrency (what is cryptocurrency) is a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to ensure the security of financial transactions and digital assets. Generally, cryptocurr... Read more >

     2018-12-04 15:13:07

  • Blockchain Consensus Mechansim: Proof-of-Work (POW)

    Consensus mechanism, as a fault-tolerant mechanism, is the core foundation as well as crucial guarantee of the security of blockchain. Blockchain (what is blockchain) is a decentralized system which r... Read more >

     2018-12-03 13:47:52

  • How to read candlestick chart?

    AbstractCandlestick chart (K-line), originated from the rice market of Japan in the late 18th century, was found by a Japanese rice trader Munehisa, Honma. It's also known as candlestick, a techni... Read more >

     2018-11-30 17:22:47

  • The 6 Key Features of Blockchain

    No matter you are an investor in cryptocurrency or not, you may hear about blockchain. But what is it? Blockchain is a technology bought by Bitcoin, the first and most popular cryptocurrency. However,... Read more >

     2018-11-28 09:58:16

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