• How to Contact us?

    1. Send us an email for any questions or advice via support@bexplus.com.2. Submit your questions or feedback with your contact information via https://www.bexplus.com/feedback, and we will r... Read more >

     2020-11-24 06:36:22

  • How to Become a Bexplus' Affiliate and What to Obtain?

    1. How Does the Bexplus Affiliate Program Work?Bexplus Affiliate Program is a Refer-a-User project, one can earn money by making or inviting potential users or followers to trade on Bexplus and earn 1... Read more >

     2020-11-24 03:09:05

  • How Profit Rate is Calculated?

    There is a P/L showing the real-time profit or loss of your opened positions. How it is calculated?1. The formula The current value of earnings in bitcoin/Margin used*100%2. Calculation example f... Read more >

     2020-11-23 10:00:14

  • How a Service Fee Is Calculated?

    Bexplus will charge a service fee in every transaction. Below is the service rate for different trading pairs.Only when opening a position and closing a position, the service fee will be charged ... Read more >

     2020-11-23 07:11:45

  • How to Transfer BTC From Trading Account to Wallet Account?

    App Version:step 1: click "Trading account" under the account namestep 2:  click "Transfer to the wallet account"step 3: fill in the transfer amount and click "confirm tr... Read more >

     2020-11-03 01:48:27

  • How to Avoid Forced Liquidation?

    In the previous post we introduced when forced liquidation will occur, so let us give you some advices of avoiding it in this part.Method 1:Set stop loss order. A stop-loss order helps inves... Read more >

     2020-02-25 08:47:05

  • Why Does My Demo Account Expire/Demo Records Disappear?

    Your demo account will be expired and all practicing trading records will be deleted after holding it for one year since registration. However, you can create a new demo account by logging out an... Read more >

     2019-12-17 08:54:59

  • Withdrawal Procedure on Bexplus

    1. Time of withdrawalYou can withdraw BTC 24/7. 2. How long will the BTC arrive to your account after withdrawal? After submitting the withdrawal request, the following conditions will be di... Read more >

     2018-10-26 09:37:00

  • How to Set Google Authenticator to Your Bexplus Account?

    What is Google Authenticator?Google Authenticator is a software token that functions like OTP SMS verification. A time-based one-time verification code will be generated every 30 seconds after your mo... Read more >

     2018-10-26 06:23:45

  • When will Forced Liquidation Occur?

    Margin CallA margin call is the broker's demand that an investor deposit additional money or securities.Margin call notification (email, in-app message, mobile notification) will be triggered when... Read more >

     2018-10-26 06:01:29

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