How to Avoid Forced Liquidation?

 2020-02-25 08:47:05

In the previous post we introduced when forced liquidation will occur, so let us give you some advices of avoiding it in this part.

Method 1:

Set stop loss order. A stop-loss order helps investors reduce loss. After you preset a stop-loss order, if the market price reaches the trigger price you set, the stop-loss order will become a market order, and you can trade with the optimal market price available at that time. Please click here to know more about stop loss order.

Method 2:

Pay close attention to the market price and stop the loss manually. Both Bexplus’s website and mobile app offer Real-Time Quotes, it's convenient for users to make decision in time according to market price.

Method 3:

Pay attention to the message push delivered by bexplus team. We’ll update and deliver news of price changes to users, please remember to follow us and receive it. 

Method 4:

Understand the rules of 100% deposit bonus and pay close attention to the net value of your position. 

According to the rules, 

If you received 100% deposit bonus, when your account value is lower than bonus*100%, positions will be forced liquidated immediately.
If you haven’t got 100% deposit bonus, when you lose 70% of your account value, positions will be forced liquidated.

Please click here to know more about 100% deposit bonus.

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