How to Become a Bexplus' Affiliate and What to Obtain?

 2020-11-24 03:09:05

1. How Does the Bexplus Affiliate Program Work?

Bexplus Affiliate Program is a Refer-a-User project, one can earn money by making or inviting potential users or followers to trade on Bexplus and earn 15% equal to your referrals' trading fees. Averagely, an active affiliate partner could earn 100-3,000 US dollars per month. 

All you need to do is to spread Bexplus via  your tracking link or invitation code. For super affiliates and experienced marketers, we offer a customized higher tier. To become a Bexplus' affiliate, the first thing to do is creating your affiliate account at Please be noted that it’s independent from your Bexplus trading account.

2.What can we help with? 

Bexplus marketing team provides varies of supports including customized campaigns and materials tailored to different needs.

3. Double Commission Rewards

No 1. Registration reward

Once a new user successfully registered via your link or code and traded, you are eligible to have registration reward.

No 2. Transaction fee reward

You receive up to 50% of transaction fee from your referee's transaction.

Notice: Affiliate's rewards will be settled twice every month and will be paid in Bitcoins.

4. Example of Rewards Calculation

On 3rd of this month, John referred one user (Jane) who registered via John's referral link or code, and Jane also successfully placed a buy position with 0.1BTC.

On 16th of this month, John will receive 0.002 BTC (equal to US $10) as referral bonus for referring Jane, and he will also receive another 0.00405 BTC (30% of the transaction fee) as the transaction fee commission.

So John will reveive 0.00505BTC ≈ US $50 in this case.(Settle in Bitcoin)

P/L calculator
Margin calculator

Open price:
Close price:
Position days:
0.00000000 BTC
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Amount required (margin):

0.00000000 BTC

Service charge:

0.00 BTC

Daily interest:

0.00 BTC


Occupation margin:

0.00000000 BTC

Real Time Exchange Rates: