How Long Will It Take to Deposit Bitcoin on Bexplus?

 2018-10-26 05:49:54

1. Time of deposit?

You can deposit BTC 24/7.

2. How long will the bitcoin be credited in your account after deposit? 

Transferring bitcoin consists of 3 steps, "request" -- "block confirmation" -- "credited into account".

1) Request: issue a bitcoin transfer request and set the correct sending and receiving bitcoin address.

2) Block confirmation: miner confirms the request and packs it to the block and blockchain. When congestion, delay or other circumstances occur in the bitcoin blockchain network, it will take a long time for miners to complete BTC transfer confirmation - 2 hours in general. 

3) Credited into account: After the confirmation, your BTC will be deposited and credited into your Bexplus account. Then, you can check your account balance. 

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