How to deposit other cryptocurrencies on Bexplus? (ETH, XRP, EOS....etc.)

 2019-02-12 03:02:07
How to deposit other cryptocurrency on Bexplus? (ETH, XRP, EOS....etc.)

1.Before Deposit, you must send the deposit request with amount of Ethereum deposit and Registration Email address to Bexplus official Email.

2.Bexplus will send you the official receiving Ethereum address by Email.

3.Please transfer your Ethereum to Bexplus Official Ethereum address in 30 minutes, otherwise, the deposit request will be invalid. You have to apply the new deposit request. (Please double check the correction of Bexplus offcial Ethereum address when you transfers, we are not responsible to your operation faults.)

4.After you deposit, the Ethereum will transfer to Bitcoin automatically and show up in your account within 2 hours. (The exchange rate is followed by Binance instantly.) 

5.Bexplus only supports withdrawal by Bitcoin.

---------The above content is expired, please refer to the latest appoach below---------

Currently if you don't have Bitcoin or even cryptocurrencies, you can easily buy or swap for Bitcoin through the third portal now.

If you are holding altcoins or not having any cryptocurrency at the moment:

Login your Bexplus account

Click “Deposit”

Choose the altcoin or US dollar you are going to exchange under “ YOU SEND”

Type in the amount you want to exchange

Click button “swap now”, then follow the instructions


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