Withdrawal Procedure on Bexplus

 2018-10-26 09:37:00
A brief introduction of withdrawal procedure on Bexplus.

1. Time of withdrawal

You can withdraw BTC 24/7. 

2. How long will the BTC arrive to your account after withdrawal? 

After submitting the withdrawal request, the following conditions will be displayed in the withdrawal records according to the progress of withdrawal.

1) Waiting for withdrawal auditing: the withdrawal request has been submitted, then you have to wait for the withdrawal auditing. 

NOTICE: If a large amount of withdrawal requests cause congestion, then you have to wait in line.

2) Manual auditing: withdrawal requests require manual auditing, which will be handled by the customer service. Please kindly wait patiently.

3) Withdrawing : you will need to confirm your withdrawal amount and wallet address after receiving an email titled "Withdrawal request".  

NOTICE: If you have any questions about your withdrawal information, please reply to us or contact us via support@bexplus.com to state your problems immediately. Otherwise, the payment will be continued to process after ONE hour according to the withdrawal information you've submitted. Please carefully check your withdrawal information, we will not be responsible for any issue after the payment.

4) Successful withdrawal: we will send you an email titled "Successful payment made for coin withdrawal", which means BTC has been withdrawn from the platform. You can query it in the block via btc.com.

If the BTC does not arrive at your wallet yet, it is suggested that you need to wait patiently since it all depends on the blockchain miners' efficiency and blockchain traffic after the payment is done.

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