• What is the limit orders? When will It be executed?

    1. Limit orders on Bexplus will not occupy margin like other trading platforms. When the market price reaches the price you set, if the available margin is not enough, then the order will be canceled.... Read more >

     2018-10-26 05:59:19

  • How Long Will It Take to Deposit Bitcoin on Bexplus?

    1. Time of deposit?You can deposit BTC 24/7.2. How long will the bitcoin be credited in your account after deposit? Transferring bitcoin consists of 3 steps, "request" -- "block co... Read more >

     2018-10-26 05:49:54

  • Withdrew to A Wrong Address?

    Once you replied the withdrawal confirmation email (to confirm the BTC wallet address and the amount you are going to withdraw), Bexplus will start withdraw BTC automatically to the confirmed add... Read more >

     2018-10-26 05:49:08

  • How to Withdraw on Bexplus App?

    1/3After logging in, choose the right account that you want to do the withdrawal on the account page. Then click "Withdrawal" button, so that the page redirect to that of withdrawing bitcoin... Read more >

     2018-10-26 05:47:30

  • How to Deposit on Website?

    1. After logging in, click account name at the top right corner of the homepage, then select "Deposit" in the drop-down list.  2. You will get a bitcoin deposit address with i... Read more >

     2018-10-26 05:43:10

  • How to Withdraw on Bexplus Website?

    1/3After logging in, click account name at the top-right of the menu bar, and select "Withdrawal" in the drop-down list. 2/3Choose the trading account or wallet account that you want to... Read more >

     2018-10-25 11:00:00

  • How to Buy BTC? (App)

    Bexplus will only provide websites as references where the BTC can be purchased with fiat currency and it's suggested that after purchasing the BTC should be deposited into our platform immediatel... Read more >

     2018-10-25 10:28:04

  • How to Buy BTC? (Website)

    To trade futures contracts in Bexplus, you need to deposit BTC in your account firstly. If you haven't bought BTC before, you can purchase some from references fiat-to-crypto exchanges. When you f... Read more >

     2018-10-25 10:20:00

  • How to Deposit on Bexplus App?

    1/2After logging in, please find "Deposit" on the account page.2/2Then you will get a bitcoin deposit address with individual multi-signature and make a deposit BTC to the address. After con... Read more >

     2018-10-25 10:17:04

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